I am on Wikipedia

It has become my hobby to make accounts on different websites and social networks. It gives me a surety that I have the desired username on almost all the websites I know. After all we can’t say anything about the future and anyone in this world can capture my favorite username (kushalashok) forcing me to select another one.

While making accounts at different blogging sites like blogger, wordpress etc. I got an Idea to get myself on wikipedia as well. (Wikipedia is one the most famous websites featuring information about almost everything) I created my account on the wikipedia site and posted my page titled as “Kushalashok”. But just after that post I got a warning that my post was selected for speedy delete because wikipedia does not allow post related to a real person.

I started reading the help content but all I came to know was that I can not write about myself on wikipedia, unless I am very important to the world. I’m glad that this rule doesn’t apply on my blogs.

But, this failure made me more anxious and after trying my luck on different links I finally have a page on wikipedia which is all about me.

To visit my page on wikipedia you can use the following URL:



Open Wikipedia website and search for “User:Kushalashok”

So, Wikipedia couldn’t stop me either.. ha ha.. 🙂