I Love Delhi!

As I told in my last post..[Want to meet old friends]. I had a plan to meet my friends today. But I couldn’t convince my parents to allow me to go. As a result, I was suppose to go shopping with them. Although, I wasn’t in a mood for shopping after this disapproval. We left for Delhi at around 2pm.

I buttered my Dad, and he allowed me to drive the car today. After getting some house related work done, we went to Kamla Nagar. At first, I didn’t like it there but as I started roaming around in the streets, I got carried away by the crowded and beautiful lanes of Delhi.

Soon I started taking interest in the goods my parents wanted me to buy. We went through the whole market approximately. I was enjoying it a lot because I was in the markets of Delhi after a very long time. The crowd was fantastic and I passed time by looking at delhites and their trends while my parents selected the items on shops. After trying out some of the showrooms I finally bought a pair of blue colored action shoes. I have got 10 weeks guarantee on it and I was very happy with the sole.  I drove back to home at a faster speed, though my father was not comfortable with it. He shouted on me when I rushed the car through a busy lane cutting away a few slower bugs.

But at the end of the day, I am glad that I went with my parents today. Also, I came to know that even if they would have allowed me to go I wasn’t in huge profit, because my best friend Raicky was suppose to go to Rohtak in the afternoon and this meant that our get together couldn’t last long.

Summary: I love Delhi and its people. I miss my life in Delhi a lot. Those busy lanes, those branded stuff showrooms, those happy faces, those traffic lights, the enchanting Delhi radio and last but not the least, those pretty Delhi girls 😉