Shan e punjab express-2497

(Punjabi University, Patiala, 20th August, 2010)

I got free from college well before the time that I expected, so I had enough time to pack my stuff. I had to take care of some task before leaving for Delhi, so I hurried up and got it done as soon as possible.

I saw my senior standing at the bus stop and decided to come back to him after parking my bike. We hailed an auto to “Rajpura” railway station where we met two more Delhites from my year. There was a long queue for buying tickets and none of us was willing to wait, so we talked to an aunt to buy the tickets for us by using the ladies queue. She was quite friendly and asked us about our college. I kept standing in the queue until it was made sure that the tickets have been bought correctly.

As there was still time for the train to come, we went outside the station and had some snacks. The other two guys had reserved their seats, so we had to take care of ourselves. Fortunately, we got the seats easily even though we were expecting a huge crowd as it was the Friday and festive season as well. We talked about college stuff and listened to songs on our respective music players. The time passed by very fast, and I didn’t realize that our train was running early. We reached the “Sabji Mandi” station in Delhi, 10 minutes before the scheduled time.

It’s really strange for Indian trains to reach before time, and I was lucky to have my father waiting for me there already.

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  1. I guess you travel by train a few times, but I’m surprised you stand in line and buy at a counter and don’t book and buy tickets online – at the irctc site for example. Any particular reasons ?
    I know they still make it really difficult to find the trains in the first place ! Try finding the connecting trains between Indore and Rajkot for example. Its a real challenge ! In general finding trains, especially if connections are needed, between 2nd tier cities is really difficult.

    It upset me enough to build my own website – at you just enter the cities you are travelling between, state the date and time range and it gives you the best trains, allows ample time for connections and finds routes between nearby stations not just the one you explicitly specify. Armed with these train numbers and times, you can go to IRCTC and make the booking.

    Ideally, IRCTC would do all this itself. I’m sure in due course they will. Until then, we have to improvise and I built my own techniques at – its totally free to all comers and totally ad-free.

    I’d be very interested in understanding how college students plan and organise their journeys between the college and their home town. Maybe I can build something specific to them to make their lives easier.

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