Hike in rates gave Delhi a quake!

BJP activists blocking traffic in Delhi

I do not know whether petrol hike could be avoided in spite of the increased rates in international market or not. But I don’t think that blocking roads is a solution at all. Yesterday, I was stuck in a traffic jam in Delhi for about 2 hours. The sweat was dripping off my face and the sun was not going to be easy on me. I was so pissed that I could have slapped those agitators who were waving their party flags in middle of the road. As for me, it is nothing but a game being played between the two parties who keep blaming each other for the changes being brought. And who knows that if these people were among the ruling party, would they have been able to manage the economy without increasing the fuel rates?

This was not the first time that I had to deal with such a situation. The last time I had to travel a lot of extra distance and my holidays were almost ruined, coz the roads leading to our destinations were blocked due to ‘Gujjar Andolan’.
Who gave them the right to do so? Why can’t the police just beat the shit out of them? Why are they allowed to ruin our schedules?

These are the questions that can be easily answered by any of the Indian politicians. But the reasons that he or she is usually going to use are completely lame to me. I do understand that Delhi has always been considered as the ‘land of rallies’ and we have to raise our voice against the things that are going wrong. But for me, methods like these are no good. I am not claiming that I know a better solution to the problem but at least I know that if one is unable to solve a problem, he or she shouldn’t be creating more of them.

By blocking roads like this, first of all they became one of the reasons for the next rate hike by forcing hundreds of vehicles to burn more of the expensive petrol. Second of all, they played with the lives of so many people who got late for their appointments, jobs, etc.

All in all, I think that such protests shall not be allowed!

Now I am sure that a lot of people will disagree with me as people have seen police officials beating up or putting the innocent people into jail. But maybe all that we are suffering from is the dysfunctional constitution and the never-ending battle among the political parties.

For example, first BJP activists block roads on 16th May 2011 (read the article at yahoo), and then on the very next day Congress party protests over hike in road tax (read the article at newstrackindia). Now where is the common man in this picture? All I can see is two parties playing a chess like game while using us as their pawns.

As I don’t have much knowledge about the political science, I will not say much about it. I just wanted to express my anger and used this post for it (first of its kind in this blog). But I will come back with a lot more sensible intellect along with the solutions, soon after I collect the required cognition.

P.S.: Please excuse my words if you don’t agree with me! I am just an Indian citizen expressing myself.