Is 25 the new 18?

not old enough to drinkThe recent raise of minimum drinking age from 21 to 25 in Maharashtra is pure hypocrisy! The majority of Indian citizens seem to be ungratified about this anserine convention. Especially the Bollywood is shocked to its guts as we get a line from the recent updates like: “Big B finding it STRANGE”  and “Imran filing the PIL”.
It is more like a decree recounting that we are not responsible enough at 18. When we can get a driving license and a voter card then how can we be not able to decide about drinking? India is a developing country and the level of advancement achieved by youngsters in all walks of life is not a jest at all. When at 23, Sid Mallya can own the  3rd largest liquor company in the world how can he be not allowed to drink?

What makes it more perplexing is that they have set different rules in different states. While Kerala, Goa, Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh allow 18 year olds to handle booze; Andhra Pradesh, Delhi, West Bengal and Tamil Nadu keeps it 21. And it’s not astounding anymore that  it is completely prohibited in Gujarat and Mizoram. What do the state governments want to prove here? Isn’t it a dubiousness on our ‘integrity in diversity’?
Moreover, are these rules being implemented aright? If it were so, there had been no case files piled up in the courts. The beauty of our plotters is that they are more occupied in making new rules and not descrying that the old ones are not even hunky-dory. This is one of the reasons that corruption is building up so well. It appears that the rules are meant to be broken.

If such stupendous rules are imposed on the nestling citizens, of course they will be aroused to go against it. What is required is to use the power of youth and not to suppress it. It is not that we should support drinking as a habit or anything alike, but it is just that the basic rights being provided should be well delineated based on the needs and acquisitions.

P.S.: Under-age tipplers can still be found buying liquor in every state, so I guess it doesn’t really matter.!/speedoholic/status/81390085093851138

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