A brother’s wishes to his brother

Happy B’day Bhaiya!

First of all thanks a lot for your endless support and helps. (Especially maintaining secrets LOL)

If I were to recall some of the memorable moments I would list them as follows:

1) Sharing Maggi at Auli (the valley of flowers)

2) Planning extended trips from Bhimtal (hideously) 😉

3) Playing play station all night

4) Bunking a marriage to watch movie (Prince of Persia) 😛

5) Me bunking preparations of YOUR marriage to watch a movie with your friends 😀

And a lot more which are countless…

Well, after being on so many trips with you I can surely say that you are my favourite travel-mate who would never back down no matter what the change of terms is.

From being a mentor while you supervised me with work, to being a friend who never showed any lordliness, you have been playing all the roles perfectly.

I hope this brotherhood of ours goes on like this forever!

Wishing you all the success and happiness 🙂

Your Bro ^_^