Google Plus pages I created

The Google Plus Pages just got rolled out and I couldn’t stop myself from trying my hand on them. Though I only wanted to test it, i ended up creating 5 pages.

The first was made for my father’s company and I recorded the screen while making it. You can watch the screenr here:

Just as I was going through pages created by other users, I decided to make one for my blog.

Then I came across a page which was dedicated by a person to his pet.

So I thought, if people are making pages for their pets, why not I make one for my motorcycle. After all it is more important to me than a pet.

Well this page was solely for updates related to my motorcycle and being a motorcycling enthusiast I wanted to share more than that. So I created another page called “Motorcycle Diaries” which I am hoping to use for sharing updates about anything related to motorcycling.
I started off by sharing my blog post in which I wrote about my fantasy.

At last, I created the 5th page dedicated to my passion for Korean Movies. I gave it the same handle as it’s twitter counter part “Kus Korea” and shared some photographs that were already saved in my dropbox.

Right now, I am not sure whether I’ll be able to timely update so many pages or not. But I created them nevertheless.

The one thing that I noticed while doing all this is that, there is no functionality for sharing a post directly on my page while I am browsing as a Google Plus profile. Though I hope that they will add this feature soon, coz it would be too messy to switch between my profile and pages every time.

To create your own Google Plus Page, visit:
If you are not on G+ yet, email me your id at to get an invitation.

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