Energy harvesting ideas on Discovery News

I just came across some very nice ideas on Discovery news.

The first one was about using the kinetic energy of vehicles to produce electricity as they pass over speed bumps.

Speed bumps

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And the other one used a similar concept for making tiles to harvest energy of footsteps.

tiles_discovery news

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These inventions are magnificent. But can they really help us?

This comment from Mr. Bob might enlighten a bit:

Bob (Sunday, October 23, 2011, 02:31:13) : I wonder if they’ve gotten the production costs down to where it becomes profitable for corporations?  These sustainable energy technologies are great, but the inventors really need to focus on getting production costs down, or they’re just expensive toys.  No organization will buy these tiles if they’re so expensive that the first investment outweighs the energy savings over the life of the tile.
I hope such ideas can be put to their best use, which can be made possible if the government and concerned organizations put their interest to it.

P.S. : We need invention and innovation to succeed.