Feeling low? Wanna laugh? Watch Indian news channels

DD news is a lot better than those faking channels. (no need to name a few, they all are equally GOOD)

Rather it’s the only Hindi news channel worth following.

Well you will never find the following headlines streaming for the whole day (and sometimes even more) at DD:

1)War between the Khans
-so what if he didn’t go to the party? Watch their movies, not their lives!

2) latest crisps about TV serials
-as if our lives are dependent on whether a character will get back from death or not.

3) movie trailers and talks
-excuse me! But is this MTV?

4) “jaya veeru ke beech jang!”
-cricket cricket and cricket!
haven’t you guys watched the latest ad? Change the game!!!
Well I know IPL is on, but these guys talk about useless stuff!

P.S.: simple and accurate: doordarshan

One thought on “Feeling low? Wanna laugh? Watch Indian news channels

  1. Hahaha….You’re right bro…..DD Rocks !!
    I still remember my craze for DD when Shaktimaan used to air 😛

    And these stupid news channel absolutely suck man…..
    Most of all “India TV” – They are always talking about useless and improbable stuff which isn’t even news !!!

    “This is the place where Lord Hanuman pissed once !”
    “This is where Sita washed her clothes !!”

    I mean COME ON !!
    It might well pass on as a comedy channel than a News one.

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