Thoughts in Rajdhani Express

Sitting in Rajdhani express, tapping my fingers on this I-pad of Mr. Bindra (not the sharp shooter) , all I can think of is… Well, lot of things!

Till now this ride has been a good experience for me, especially when compared to my recent travel to Allahabad when I had to pass 40 hours sitting (or just fitting) in the space that was left near the door.

The time is not passing by that fast but it’s not a pain either. We had booked our tickets one month advance and that is why we are able to enjoy this air-conditioned coach.

A lot of class mates, or I shall say colleagues now are travelling along and are a constant source of killing time.
The fun was real as after getting down at a station at 1 am, I made a bet for running along the train the longest.  I took it to such a level that my friends started shouting at me as they got worried whether I’ll be able to catch the train or not.

The night was not making me feel sleepy so I decided to finish a novel that was also borrowed from a friend whose name I can’t recall now. (yes, I am that bad with remembering names) Though I do remember the name of the book i.e. “love was not meant for me”. It was written by an engineer from Bihar. I wonder why engineers (like me) are more interested in writing and not doing the work for which they were supposed to get trained for 4 years.
Most people believe that we B.Tech. graduates are engineers just on paper as our mind has not been polished enough during college.

No matter what I say now, I don’t regret a single day, a single party or a single night out that I had with my friends. These experiences are gonna stay with me forever and gonna make me smile during the saddest moments that might (will) come.

Other than reading novel and playing cards, the time is being passed by the gadgets that we have. Playing games, browsing Facebook or just chatting with anonymous people takes preference when all the fellow travelers are asleep or busy with their own stuff.

Well, soup along with bread sticks has just been delivered to me even though I am sitting on someone else’s birth. So, I am going to continue this later. (probably)