The Zero Ticket


Zero ticket snapshot

For those who are in Chandigarh and frequent sector 17, next time you get a parking ticket near Neelam Theatre, have a look at the amount. It proudly displays the number that got its invention in India, ZERO. I am not sure if this is genetic or not, but I am a “Bania” and I do check the parking ticket to read the amount of fee I am supposed to pay. So last month I got my first zero ticket and as soon as I learned this, I went back to the counter and got a fresh ticket with correct amount mentioned on it. I thought it was just a mistake. Next time I parked, I noticed the same big oval shaped number smiling at me through the ticket. This time I was in a hurry and just ignored it. Today I got another zero ticket and I decided to ask the person sitting at the counter, “Why zero tickets everyday?” To this he replied, “We don’t mention the amount as it changes with the number of hours you park for.” As I was again running late, I took a quick snap of the ticket and thought maybe I could prove it to be a scam later. Coz the last time I checked, there was no hourly rate. Moreover, I didn’t see the collector take a glance at the time on my ticket. So if you are reading this or if you have been a victim of The Zero Ticket, do share your thoughts via comments. Maybe we could help the authorities understand that they can’t just run their parking in the memory of Aryabhatta! 😉

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