I was following a strict diet last month and had to stop myself from eating candies or drinking popular beverages. But I got off my running schedule this month and as a result I have discarded my diet plans too.

Gone are the days of resistance and it is time to let my taste buds go wild. This sunday, I decided to eat some beautiful FIFA food which will not only kill my hunger but will also make me excited like a forest fire. Thus I looked up the recipe for a mouth-watering dish.

Guess what I started with? Greasing a square pan while the oven got pre-heated to 350F. Then I opened my newly bought butter case and melted 1/2 a cup of it into a bowl. After adding 1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa, I kept stirring while I enjoyed seeing it dissolve into the butter. Next in line was 1 cup sugar, which I was devoid of since a long time. Mixing this was literally adding water to my mouth.

Now to make sure that I still get some proteins, I used the last 2 eggs I had, by adding them to this mixture and stirring till they were combined well.

Then I opened the cupboard and took out some vanilla and added 2 teaspoons of it. This was followed by addition of 1/2 cup flour and 1/4 teaspoon salt.

It was now time to fold it with chopped nuts, raisins and chocolate chips before spreading it in the greased pan which was then put inside the oven for 25 minutes.  In the meanwhile, I watched the FIFA world cup which made the time fly away.

When I executed the knife test, it came out with moist crumbs and told me that I have nailed it. I let it cool for a while and then cut it into squares for serving these brownies in a borosil plate.

The rest of the football match was accompanied with such a delicious serve, that even if my team was loosing, I was not getting disappointed.


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