Inspired by fragrance

When I woke up this Sunday morning, I got inspired by the fragrance of rain. Right then I decided to go for a short trip on my bike and celebrate monsoon.

It started with an hour long delay which gave us the chance to visit Chandi Mandir.
Then it was followed by another hour of haphazard turns and rather U-turns while we tried to figure out an alternative route to Barsati nadi. (A river that flows during monsoon)

As we took the 4th U-turn; finally we decided to choose a simpler destination and headed towards Kasauli. With numerous stops and click breaks, we reached the point in Kasauli, where our bikes were stopped by the army soldiers and we were advised to walk.

The walk turned into hike, and hike turned into a trek, which had a few moments of mountain climbing too.
Mountain ClimbingOn reaching the top of the hill, we realized that we were surrounded by clouds and the air was so fresh that we even enjoyed breathing. Moved with the beauty around us, we started clicking more pictures in different poses. One of them is called, “Sab Idhar Udhar dekho” pose; AKA Everybody should look in different directions.

After exhausting the camera’s battery and storage limit, we came back while having bargain burgers from Hot Millions; accompanied with tea from Sharma Dhaba.
And while we were discussing, how come it didn’t rain since morning; it started raining cats and dogs!

It was an adventurous and memorable trip with my wife, school-mate and 3 musketeers. šŸ™‚

P.S.: This post is a part of #InspireAFragrance contest at Indiblogger.