Would you like to live a recluse life?

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Just watched another Korean movie called “Castaway on the moon”. A very insightful movie indeed.

We often come across incidents when people lock themselves in a room and cut off from the society. What leads us to think like that? Even animals like birds like to stay in a group, then how can a human being want to be alone? After all, man is called a social animal.

I started by looking into my own thought process. Of course I don’t like being alone but there are times when I just need my space. I tried thinking about the reasons and I couldn’t come up with one that is justifiable. Maybe the mind gets so confiscated that it starts asking for a vacation. But our mind never stops working, so even when we are trying to sleep or just doing nothing, we are thinking about one thing or the other. Which makes me wonder, can we really give our mind a rest by meditation? I have tried meditating, but I could never reach the state when my mind stops questioning. No matter how hard I try to keep my eyes closed and relax, it doesn’t work that way for me.

Coming back to the recluse thing, many of us are already moving towards this lifestyle without even knowing it. It’s natural for us to stay busy with our work and ignore the society. This habit of ignoring then becomes a way of living. For instance, we may stop greeting people, first due to lack of time and later because we just don’t find it comfortable. We get so busy making friends on social networks that we forget how to make new friends in realĀ life. We are so scared of getting duped that we can’t risk to pass a smile to a stranger. This is why I have created a poll:

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then probably you like a recluse life.

But one is not born thinking like that. It is what the society makes of us and what we make of the society. People may accept us or cast away, we may adjust with them or just run away. Just something we need to figure out.

You can watch the movie with english subtitles here:

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