Finally read 2 states

I have been trying to read this fourth novel of the renowned writer ‘Chetan Bhagat’ and finally got the chance when I borrowed it from a friend.


I enjoyed reading this novel as there were many things that I could relate to. Moreover, almost all the punch lines worked for me. Chetan managed to bring out laughter even out of most awkward situations and the continuity of jokes polished the story. The college environment could be pictured well which has been done in his previous novels as well. Sarcasm and wittiness are also given a proper account. Nature and culture of Punjabis and South Indians have been depicted substantially.

P.S.: The moral is also commendable: “Differences need to be dealt with”

Novel Review: A Partisan’s Daughter

How man is lured by woman?

How woman is exploited?

I learnt a lot from this novel. The cruelty is portrayed candidly and there are some moments that made me feel overwhelmed. You will like this novel if you can relate it to real life. It is a nice read if you are grown up enough to look beyond the sarcastic and witty language used.

Some of the lines that I particularly liked were:

*Mankind would never give up its suffering, because it liked suffering more than anything else.

*There aren’t enough rhymes for “love” and “beauty”

*Everyone’s escaping from themselves. Everybody’s on the run, and then one day you have stopped running, and that’s when you are dead.

*Even atheists pray when they are desperate.

*People often underestimate their degree of drunkenness and overestimate their ability to drive.

Review: Corridor | Sarnath Banerjee

This is a nice and entertaining graphic novel. 

Here are some of the lines that I particularly liked:

That’s the thing with smell, YOU DON’T NOTICE IF IT’S YOUR OWN ūüėÄ

Universal death rate, one death per person!

Repentance can not bring back the corn, the birds have eaten away

Life mostly is a stream of missed opportunities, anything else is cinema!

It all comes down to chewing your food well!

People are like onions; they have layers and layers. BUT WHO WILL KNOW? WHO HAS TIME?

Review: The Gathering | Anne Enright


This novel can make you think about relations and the concerned can of worms. Even though it could not keep me spell-bound I liked the language and some peculiar phrases. The incidents were explained gratingly and indeed there were moments when I could picture the abrasiveness. The scenes keep jumping from one time frame to another but it had no effect on the understanding and impact of the story.

This is a very intelligent novel that can make you introspect a lot. Catastrophically I would not suggest this novel to people who read merely for entertainment.

The People of the Abyss


This novel is all about the conditions of people living in East End of London in 1902. ‘Jack London‘ describes all the issues related to the abyss in which these miserly people were inhabiting. From food to shelter, the people were deprived of everything. Even after trying their best and working as hard as they could, they were¬†pitiful. While writing this book, he actually stayed¬†in workhouses and slept on streets because he wanted to wear the shoes of a poor Londoner. His¬†lamentable¬†experiences and thoroughgoing explanations can make you easily picture the kind of ills people were suffering from.

the people of the abyss (street)

London's notorious Whitechapel district, photographed in 1902 for 'The People of the Abyss'

Most affecting text from the novel:

A woman of the lower Ghetto classes is as much the slave of her husband as is the Indian squaw. And I, for one, were I a woman and had but the two choices, should prefer being a squaw. The men are economically dependent on their masters, and the women are economically dependent on the men. The result is, the woman gets the beating the man should give his master, and she can do nothing. There are the kiddies, and he is the breadwinner, and she dare not send him to jail and leave herself and children to starve.

What I think:

This novel is not the one to entertain you, it would rather make you serious and force you to think about the wretchedness people have to suffer from. You will start considering yourself very lucky for being born in good terms. There are some scenes which when thought of can even make you furious¬†or yell at the forces that couldn’t notice the pathetic circumstances of these people.

My Rating: 7/10

P.S.: Until the evils that cause people to drink(alcohol) are abolished, drink and its evils will remain!

The Gamblers(1983)-Lee Davis Willoughby

I have read novels which mostly used layman’s language and I didn’t feel like opening dictionary now and then, but when I started reading this novel by Lee Davis Willoughby I was stunned by the first-class use of words. There were times when I almost felt like I was at some unexampled land. The characters were very well portrayed and the flow of story was quite suave!

Although there were times when I kind of lost the interest because of the redundant explanation of events which were not holding much importance in the story.

P.S.: It was a nice novel which acquainted me with a new genre!

My rating: 7/10

Three Wishes- Barbara Delinsky


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I almost fell in love with the characters and the way relationships were explained. This novel was about the near death experience of a girl named Bree who lives independently in a small town called Panama and falls in love with a famous writer from New york. The most interesting parts were the intimacy between Bree and Tom. The emotions were expressed in the best possible way and I could feel the warmth of it. The story revolves around the three wishes Bree gets after her accident. Although the storyline didn’t strike much, it was a ripe novel altogether. At some point I felt that suspense was not good enough but that’s because the genre was more romantic than thrilling.

My rating: 7/10

Favourite Character: Bree

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P.S. : Heart tugging, tear jerking, touching, delightful love story!

Master of the Game!

Of all the novels I have read, none contained a chronicle¬†of 4 generations. Although the story starts with the ninetieth birthday celebration of Kate Blackwell, it moves 100 years back to¬†Jamie MacGregor. First, his ambition for finding diamonds is explicated¬†while he gets thirsty, tired, beaten and duped. He takes his revenge with the help of his friend Banda who didn’t seem friendly at first but came out to be the common hater of their rival Van Der Merwe who stole Jamie’s diamonds and killed Banda’s younger sister.

This was just one break up of the story and there are many more characters involved.

P.S. : All in all, it is a full-fledged novel which teaches us about hatred, revenge and manipulation.

My rating: 8/10

Favorite character: Kate Blackwell