Narration of my HR Interview (Infosys)

Following is an approximate narration of my HR interview with Infosys. The answers mentioned here need not be correct. But I managed to stay confident and somehow got selected. (I couldn’t remember all of it, but it’s nearly the same)

Note: Most of the questions are raised from your resume, so always have enough knowledge about each thing that you mention. I hope it can help.

“Good afternoon sir”

Good-afternoon, please have a seat.

“Thank you”

Fill up this sheet.

A sheet with columns for my rollno, name and signature was filled.

Give me your resume.

I opened the portfolio, took out the resume and handed over gently

So your father works in NTPC?

“No sir, my mother is a school teacher there and thus we are living in the quarter allotted to us.
My father is a businessman”

What kind of business?
“He deals with plastic bottles and their marketing”

Only marketing? No manufacturing?
“Manufacturing as well, but not on that level”

Interviewer analyzes the resume

What is this KPS?
“It is Kalka Public School in New Delhi, I lived there in a hostel during my +1 and +2.”

So what difference did you find in the hostel life?
“I learned a lot of things in the hostel, being independent and understanding people are some of them. Also, as I am the only child of my parents, I learned sharing stuff and adjusting with my room-mates there.”

Other than the unavailability of home-cooked food, what problems did you face in the hostel?

“I missed the guidance of my father, because at home he was always there for me guiding me through every walk of life. This was something I had to learn to live without.”

I am talking about the problems in your hostel.

“Oh! In the hostel itself, brooming and washing my clothes was a new thing for me as I never did it at home.”

So how did you manage?

“I learnt it eventually as I had no other option; moreover all my fellow hostellers were facing the same problems so we all helped each other.”

After what time did you wash your clothes? Once a month or once a week?
“Once a week, because I had enough clothes with me to manage for that period of time”

So how did you get into this University, via AIEEE or what?

“Yes, I came here through AIEEE. There was a counselling organized by PTU and as my rank was good enough, I got the seat here.”

So where are you living now?

“I live outside the university in a rented room as I couldn’t get the hostel in the first place due to the shortage of rooms”

How many roomies do you have?

“Earlier I was living alone, but now there are 3 of us.”

Who does the cleaning here? Do you have any turns for that?

“No sir, we don’t do it by turn. All three of us clean the room together once a week by dividing the work. Like… one of us would be brooming while the other would be cleaning the stuff, etc”

And what about the food; who cooks?

“None of us can cook, so we have our food outside. As the university allows us to open an account at the hostel mess, we used to eat there but these days we are relying on the outside restaurants and Dhabas, because we found that the food quality is good here.”

You didn’t find the food quality good in Delhi?

“We have all kind of food in Delhi and with pretty good quality as well. But the hygiene and quantity was not that good as compared to Punjab if we talk about it at the student level. I mean within my budget.”

And what kind of problems did you find here?

“I didn’t find many problems here, as the people are very helping and friendly. I made friends quickly and managed well. Of course the language problem was there at first because I didn’t know Punjabi, but I got over it soon.”

So how many friends do you have here?

“Well I don’t have an exact count of them coz there are many, actually I have been hanging out with a lot of people”

And what about good friends?

“Again there are many and for my birthday if I treat all of them, the count reaches about 40 easily. But if being together all the time is your concern, then there are just 3 of us.”

Which stream do you have here?

“Computer science”

You had it by choice or by default?

“By choice sir!”

Which is the mother branch of computer science?

I am not sure about that, but it is a kind of science. So maybe the mother branch is Science only”

(Please email me the correct answer at

So where did you do your summer training?

“I had my summer training at HCL CDC Ghaziabad and made a project using Dot NET, but I really enjoyed my training at MSME in Delhi, when I learned Mobile Phone repairing. We learned how to check all the components, by using the circuit diagram and a lot of other things.”

Do we have the same circuit diagram for all brands of mobile?

“No sir, each model has a different circuit diagram. Of course the components are mostly the same, but knowing the circuit is very important for repairing.”

Where do you get this circuit diagram from?

“All these are easily available at Gaffar market in Carol Bagh, Delhi. Rather one can buy the whole mobile repairing kit from there as it is the hub for mobile phones.”

So if we bring a mobile from America, can we make it work here in India?

“Yes sir, we can make it work, because the technology used behind is the same these days. The only difference might be coz of the radio frequencies.  If the phone supports enough frequency bands, we can make it happen. Also, there are certain codes and methods which can unlock the phone and make it work in a different scenario.”

What are the main causes of defects in a mobile?

“There are three major causes… moisture, dust and shock. For those with shock, we mostly need to check the components but we can try getting rid of the dust and moisture by cleaning the mobile with acetone.”

And you like motorcycling?

“Yes sir, it is my favourite hobby. I have joined a club in Delhi and we organize various trips which are open to all. Generally the motorcycling clubs have some restrictions like… you need to own a particular kind of bike like Royal Enfield. But we never had such restrictions in our club.”

But one still need to have a motorcycle to join, right?

“Yes sir, but one can be a pillion rider as well and we encourage and arrange the rides for those who don’t have a vehicle but want to join”

Do you have 2-stroke or 4 stroke bikes?

“2 stroke motorcycles are not in the market sir, most of them are 4 stroke”

What do you mean by 4 stroke?

Sorry sir, I do not have the answer for that. But I always try to learn more and more by paying attention and learning from my mechanic when I get my bike serviced.”

(The four strokes refer to intake, compression, combustion (power), and exhaust cycles that occur during two crankshaft rotations per power cycle of the four cycle engines. reference: )

But as you are so much interested in motorcycling, you must know this right?

“Definitely sir, but I am still learning and as you have mentioned it I am certainly going to Google it when I get back home.”

Which bike do you have?

“I have a Bajaj XCD right now”

What is the horse power that it provides?

“It’s around 12 bhp”

What do you understand by rpm? And how does it affect a bike?

“It is rotations per minute. When one needs to buy a bike, the one which can produce more bhp at lesser rpm is considered to be more powerful. Also there is a bore to stroke ratio which is directly proportional to the engine’s output. The bore means diameter of the cylinder bore and stroke is the length through which the piston moves.”

Ok. Do you have any questions?

“No sir”

Thank you

“Thank you sir, it was really nice talking to you”

HaPpY fRiEnDsHiP dAy!


This goes to all my friends!
Who may or may have not followed my trends!
Though they never asked me to amend!
Still I always got more to append!

They were the ones I loved to befriend!
Using their things, that they never commend!
All those lectures we bunked or attend!
All those rules we broke or just bend!

Visits to library to mess with bookend!
In all my fights, they were there to defend!
These are the fellas on which I depend!
God bless you all, I strongly intend!

Although, there is a lot more I can still blend!
I wish our friendship always ascend!
And may it never come to an end!
Coz I am gonna hit you if you ever offend! 😉

Happy Friendship Day to all my friends!!

Screw the college clerks!

We all get screwed up when we have to deal with the college clerks. Every time we go there, we have to play “Office Office”

Can’t say much about other trades.. but when I have to deal with the one allotted to CSE its always like:

First day

One can never find the clerk on the first day of need itself

The day I finally find him

Me: Sir I need these documents for my bank loan

Clerk: the fee structure isn’t finalized yet, come after a few days.

Me: Ok

After a few days

Me: Sir, I need those documents

Clerk: I told you, the fee structure isn’t finalized

After few more days I see the fee structure being displayed on the notice board. Clerk is absent for the whole week

After few days when Clerk is back

Me: Can I have my documents, I saw that fee structure has been finalized now?

Clerk: Come back 2mrw between 2 to 3 pm!

Next day

Me:My documents?

Clerk: I am very busy rytnw come back later

Me: But you said the same thing yesterday!

Clerk:I told you to come between 2 to 3pm!

Me: Yes, but I had a lecture to attend at that time

Clerk: I don’t have time for this rytnw

(Me whispering: a**hole)

Next day

Clerk is not there, gone for lunch

Next day

Room is locked

Next day

Me: Sir i need those documents fast, finalz are going on and I would have to go home soon

Clerk: Give me the application, I’l see to it

Next Day

I see him walking away fast, don’t even want to stop him this time

Next Day

Me: Sir have you got my documents?

ClerK: come at 3 pm

Me: I have to give my final exam at that time

Clerk: then come back some other day

I finally call my Dad, he calls the main office!

Next day(last semester exam, have to leave for home after the exam, Need the documents anyhow)

Me: My documents?

Clerk: Write another application and give it to me fast

Application written and handed over

Clerk: Come after n hour

Me: I am having my exam, will you be here if I come after the exam?

Clerk: Come after 5min

Coming back after 5 min I get the document signed by the Director.

The work which could be done in 10mins took me a month to get it done from the Clerk

That’s UCoE, Punjabi University

A mad trip during finalz

Height of madness!

I was having my 4th semester final exams. My last two exams were scheduled on 14th and 17th may. I had a marriage to attend on 15th may in Aligarh. It was very obvious for my friends and family that I won’t be able to attend it because I had my last exam on 17th and Aligarh was 446km away from my college (located in Patiala, Punjab). However, I had a plan to attend this marriage any how. I was supposed to leave for aligarh on my bike with my friend in chandigarh at around 11pm on 14th may. We were supposed to travel all night and reach aligarh in the morning. Then after attending the marriage in the afternoon, we could go to my house in NTPC, park my bike over there and come back to Patiala/Chandigarh respectively.

Nevertheless, the fate didn’t allow us to do so. My exam on 14th was postponed to be held on 15th may. The thing which was obvious became a fact now because the marriage and the exam , both were scheduled on the same time ( 15th afternoon). The friend who was supposed to go with me faced the same problem, and we were forced to cancel our plan.

While I was preparing for my second last exam, I got a feeling that I shouldn’t let my luck decide my fate. I asked my friend whose name was also ‘Kushal'(His complete name is Kushal Bansal though), “Would you like to go with me on a trip to delhi on my bike?” I explained the whole plan to him. We were not supposed to go to aligarh now as there was no use of going there after the marriage is over.

Surprisingly, he got ready. However, on a condition that we will watch “Iron Man2” in PVR when we reach delhi. After the exam, we went straight to his room in the hostel and after leaving him there I went to my room to get my stuff. After dealing with the issues of my room key, we got the Tyre tube changed at a nearby shop and left for Delhi at 5:35pm.

The Journey:

Our first stop was a small town before Ambala, just for refilling the petrol tank. I was driving at a speed of 90km/h so that we could reach Karnal before sunset. We took some photographs of the speedometer when my bike touched 95km/h. When we reached Karnal and finally relaxed our buts, my friend said, “my ass almost started paining” . It’s because riding on Bajaj XCD is not very comfortable(specially when I am driving). We had dinner at “zhilmil dhaba” and continued our journey. I didn’t stop for a long time then , after refilling the tank near Delhi Border, we lied down in a garden at the entrance of some society. When we reached Kashmiri Gate, I asked the auto driver about the nearest PVR, he suggested me to go to Connaught Place.

In Delhi

We tried at various multiplexes but didn’t get any tickets as we were late, thus we went to India Gate and relaxed by laying on the grass for a while. Then we left for my house which was locked coz my parents were not there. I parked my motorcycle and we had a nap in the nearest park waiting for the first bus in the morning. The security guards woke us up and cooled down only when I showed them my identity and explained that my parents were out of town and their train got late. 😉

We were back in time and my exam went great. 🙂

P.S.: All in all it was a mad experience!