Scarface MovieĀ (Al Pacino)

I watched this movie because it was strongly suggested by my friend, Digvijay. And here I am writing about it gladly:

This movie is all about guts and power. Al Pacino has done a marvelous work and played the character very well. May be that is one of the reasons that the Great Al Pacino is admired by the Bollywood king Amitabh Bachan himself.

When I watched Scarface, I got greatly influenced by Al Pacino. His style and acting just carried me away.

Talking about the character he played in this movie, I learned a lot from it. And the following line is enough to tell what I mean:
“All that I came into this world with are my balls and my words”

P.S.=We should live up to our words, always speak the truth, and success will be on our side.
Scarface movie is a “MUST WATCH”!!