Rarely….on the last meet (via the “Santak” diaries …)

Rarely....on the last meet Rarely….on the last meet by Shan Prologue This poem is a farewell message by the spirit of a dead person to his beloved after one year of his death, when he finally attains freedom after avenging his death. He had been struck down with a van by two of his blood enemies. And he finally slays them. Here it goes……….. “No pen, nor ink could ever write, These words, which here are shining bright; Straight out of heart, they have come to fight, The f … Read More

via the “Santak” diaries …

Digital Fortress – Dan Brown

Just read ‘Digital Fortress‘ by “Dan Brown

My rating=7/10

Most interesting character=’David Becker’

Dan Brown’s “The Da Vinci Code” had a hefty successor, this novel gained my interest from the very first page. Its about NSA and cryptography. David Becker became my favorite character due to his tricks and instincts. Susan was the lovely cryptographer whose description often made the scenes more interesting. Strathmore seemed to be a lot more savvy than his director. The characters involved in the second half of the novel didn’t hold much importance. However, if you like computers and codes, this novel is good for you to read.

p.s.=who will guard the guards!