Have you ever walked into a movie hall without having any clue about what’s gonna play?

Wrote this on one of the weekends:

It was a lazy Sunday and I decided to employ myself into watching  movies at the multiplex.

First movie-

The artist picture
The Artist: Other than the fact that it has a nice rating(8.3/10), I had no clue about the movie while I was buying the ticket. This is why I was kind of appalled when the numbering started and remained confused till I read the synopsis via IMDB app on my phone.

Why so?
Well I didn’t know that it’s a black and white movie and that too without any dialogues and it didn’t even have Charlie Chaplin!

At first I thought it must be a flashback or implementation of one of those creative ideas that directors decide to experiment with.

I would have left the hall if I didn’t learn that it was released recently.
So I decided to stay as there were no other plans for this sunny day, and guess what?

This silent movie spoke more without words as the expressions and cinematography were just commendable. In simple words I would say: “I loved it!”

There was romance, there was pride, there was regret and the comedy was mirthful.

My favourite actor: The dog of course.

The second movie I watched was “kahaani” but I’ll probably write a separate post for it.