Live on Campus Contest

I came across Live On Campus(LOC) at facebook and decided to take part in the campus clix contest. The advertisement of the contest went like this:

Share your favorite campus moments with everyone and win cool prizes. All you have to do is simply post a photo on the LOC wall, tag your friends in the photo (if any) and share it with your friends to earn points. The more likes and comments your photos get the more points you make!

I uploaded a photograph of my friends playing cards in the class room which I took using my Sony H20 a long time ago.

I realized that I have to ask people to comment on this photograph, but it required a procedure which was longer than I thought, so I made 2 short links using
Free Domain name service

and used the following text to make people comment on it:

me: Hello! May I ask for a favor?

friend: Ya sure! what is it?

I Need help for winning a contest at facebook:
1)Go 2 :
2)Like it
4)like it
5)leave comment

friend: OK! I will do it.

me: Actually I will earn points for each of your “like” and “comment” on the photograph I uploaded.
I will appreciate your help a lot.. I want to win this contest and you are the one I rely on!
Note: if you don’t want to be associated with this page, just unlike the page, once you are done with the above procedure.
Please forward this message to your friends to help me even more.

Thanks a ton! I hope you don’t mind ignoring the notifications you will get when others comment on the pic!

The links used above were developed by me for easier communication, the original links were: