The two parts

I guess there are two parts of my heart:

1st part( lets name it Crack): “Keep trying and may be you will be able to change the other heart!”

2nd part(lets name it Jack): “You ain’t strong enough to take the blows, back off!”

Crack have been dominating since quite a while and now when the Jack’s turn has come, Crack is not ready to give away his throne.

Crack murmured, “There is still hope and giving up is not the way of living your life.”

Jack responded, “What do you know about the way of living one’s life? You are too confiscated with the false believes and hopes that you have stopped living your life the way you used to.”

“But change is the rule of nature, we can’t avoid it.”

“Shut up! Changing yourself to such an extent, just to be able to change another heart? Are you kidding me? You are not supposed to give a damn about such things.”

“But I will always regret not trying enough.”

“Regrets would have been more if you kept trying and nothing came out of it in the End.”

“But I have dedicated myself and now there is no turning back.”

“Okay you dumb piece of refuse, you can keep trying after we are done with the more important things. We have some responsibilities remember?”

The Brain (lets name him Mack), enters

Mack: “What are you two debating about? This never-ending quarrel has given me a headache. So just stop masquerading and get back to your primary work (i.e. pumping blood).”

Jack whispers, “See! He is completely under my spell now”

Crack sobbing, “You always win when it comes to the difficult part!”