Revolution 2020 by Chetan Bhagat : Novel Review

Revolution 2020I ordered this novel in spite of the negative reviews and by the time it got delivered, I was pretty upset about making a wrong choice. But as I was free coz of Diwali Holidays, it worked as a pass-time.

The start-off was fine with the infantile childhood memories, but the story was unable to take effective turns I guess. Although I did enjoy some of the lines (which I even tweeted while I was reading), there were not enough punches in this one.
One thing that I like the most about Mr. Chetan’s novel is that the humor is maintained even in the worst situations. For instance, in his last novel called “2 states”, there was reference to the weird underwear of the guy when he was worried about his marriage.

Anyhow, this post is about Revolution 2020 and I intend to keep it short, because it doesn’t have much to discuss about.
As for the story, it is quite simple and kind of predictable at most points. You can read the synopsis at:

The prologue and epilogue were used in a very conventional style, with the whole novel being a narration of the guy who suffered the most. The character’s emotions were portrayed pretty well and his changing course of life and thoughts was the only curve.

Maybe this was just a try to make us understand the effects of corruption and a story telling that “money can’t buy you happiness”.

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Screw the college clerks!

We all get screwed up when we have to deal with the college clerks. Every time we go there, we have to play “Office Office”

Can’t say much about other trades.. but when I have to deal with the one allotted to CSE its always like:

First day

One can never find the clerk on the first day of need itself

The day I finally find him

Me: Sir I need these documents for my bank loan

Clerk: the fee structure isn’t finalized yet, come after a few days.

Me: Ok

After a few days

Me: Sir, I need those documents

Clerk: I told you, the fee structure isn’t finalized

After few more days I see the fee structure being displayed on the notice board. Clerk is absent for the whole week

After few days when Clerk is back

Me: Can I have my documents, I saw that fee structure has been finalized now?

Clerk: Come back 2mrw between 2 to 3 pm!

Next day

Me:My documents?

Clerk: I am very busy rytnw come back later

Me: But you said the same thing yesterday!

Clerk:I told you to come between 2 to 3pm!

Me: Yes, but I had a lecture to attend at that time

Clerk: I don’t have time for this rytnw

(Me whispering: a**hole)

Next day

Clerk is not there, gone for lunch

Next day

Room is locked

Next day

Me: Sir i need those documents fast, finalz are going on and I would have to go home soon

Clerk: Give me the application, I’l see to it

Next Day

I see him walking away fast, don’t even want to stop him this time

Next Day

Me: Sir have you got my documents?

ClerK: come at 3 pm

Me: I have to give my final exam at that time

Clerk: then come back some other day

I finally call my Dad, he calls the main office!

Next day(last semester exam, have to leave for home after the exam, Need the documents anyhow)

Me: My documents?

Clerk: Write another application and give it to me fast

Application written and handed over

Clerk: Come after n hour

Me: I am having my exam, will you be here if I come after the exam?

Clerk: Come after 5min

Coming back after 5 min I get the document signed by the Director.

The work which could be done in 10mins took me a month to get it done from the Clerk

That’s UCoE, Punjabi University