Sony DSC H20

Sony has always been known for its user-friendly electronics. This digital camera proves the same.

The Sony Cybershot H series DSC-H20 (Rs.17,316) comprises all that is needed by an average photographer. This camera assures great quality photographs even if you are not a professional. There are so many options which can be easily selected by the user.


  • 10x optical zoom + 20x digital zoom (good for professional use)
  • HD Video (The video quality is splendid)
  • Various shooting modes (Advanced Sports Shooting, Twilight, Twilight Portrait, Landscape, Soft Snap, Snow, Beach, Fireworks, High Sensitivity, Gourme)
  • Small size (easy to handle)
  • User friendly (less buttons but more features)
  • Smile detector (Sony always add such flashy features to stand above the crowd)
  • Big display (the 3 inch LCD makes you enjoy viewing the slide-show with music)
  • Easy photo editing (One can edit it in the camera itself and use effects like Vivid, Sepia, B&W )
  • Effective flash light (it creates magic even during daylight)
  • Long battery life (the lithium-ion battery provided is very efficient)
  • Sony software (It is provided with the camera to make transferring and editing of photos easier at your computer)
  • Brand name (Sony is a trusted brand in the market)
  • Value for money (It is the best deal in its range)


  • Less buttons (Some people like direct buttons so that they don’t have to scroll through the menu options)
  • No view finder (The pride of being a photographer is achieved when one uses a viewfinder of the camera)
  • Not so good-looking (This camera neither looks like some flashy gadget nor does it appear as a professional camera)
  • Some people prefer to buy a DSLR by spending a little more than this.

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