My digital ID


Sometimes the thing that matters the most is your “Identity” and the way you portray it. One of the coolest yet professional way to do so is by making your digital ID at Dooid. This website helps you make quite attractive Digital ID which looks like a conventional ID-card but is lot more than that, as one can click on the tabs and links to explore more. The picture above shows an example of the diminished badge-ID you can develop for yourself.

Start by filling the essential details like your name, interests and contact; and make sure that you select the right image. Other than this you can add lot more things like your work details, links to profiles at popular websites, video and a map as well.

P.S.: You can also link your twitter account to display your latest tweet.



Digital Fortress – Dan Brown

Just read ‘Digital Fortress‘ by “Dan Brown

My rating=7/10

Most interesting character=’David Becker’

Dan Brown’s “The Da Vinci Code” had a hefty successor, this novel gained my interest from the very first page. Its about NSA and cryptography. David Becker became my favorite character due to his tricks and instincts. Susan was the lovely cryptographer whose description often made the scenes more interesting. Strathmore seemed to be a lot more savvy than his director. The characters involved in the second half of the novel didn’t hold much importance. However, if you like computers and codes, this novel is good for you to read.

p.s.=who will guard the guards!