Torrent downloads

My nights are going sleepless as I stay online till 4am in the morning. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t sleep. These days I wake up at 1 or 2pm. If you think about it, it doesn’t matter actually that what time is it when you are at home.

I have been downloading a lot of movies through torrent and it feels great to have a good collection of your favorite movies.

All this started when my friend Raicky, told me to download the movie “Scarface” about 10 days ago. He praised the movie to be a big hand, so I googled about it and got impressed. But I wasn’t able to download it at that moment because the torrent was being blocked by the hostel authorities. (Although my semester final exams were also going on at that time, but that doesn’t count as a reason for not downloading it)

Therefore, as soon as I came back home, the first thing I did on internet was to download “Scarface”

Here is a short summary of the movie:

When Fidel Castro opens the harbor at Mariel, Cuba, he sends 125,000 Cuban refugees to reunite with their relatives in the United States. Among all the refugees, there is one who wants it all, his name is Tony Montana. Tony and his friend Manny when they arrive in the United States and start in small time jobs, soon they are hired by Omar Suarez to pay money to a group of Colombians. When the deal goes wrong, Tony and Manny leave with the money and succeed in their job. Soon Tony meets with drug kingpin Frank Lopez and falls for his boss’s girl Elvira. Pretty soon Tony will know that those who want it all, do not last forever and that is the price of power. The world will know Montana by one name….SCARFACE.

The movie is a remake of the 1932 classic.

So.. Movie download is a cool thing to do,

specially when torrent is there with you..