Another emotive movie: Koizora

Movie poster
Another Asian movie that can be regarded as tear-jerking. If you like emotional movies and have enough patience to let yourself dissolve into the story, then Koizora is your type. It is not a comedy or action film, but simply an affectional romantic flick.

Note: Following content may contain Spoilers
The movie is about a shy girl  who falls in love with a guy who started calling her on phone as a stranger. Even though she acted reluctant at first, the guy was able to win her heart easily. There are some turns and twists after this. The boy stays by her side and decides to marry her after knowing that she was carrying their child. Though, the baby is no more as she falls down after getting pushed by the guy’s ex-girlfriend. The girl and her lover decides to visit this place every year in memory of their lost child (where they lay the flowers presented by the guy on their first meet).
The guy breaks up with the girl and keeps avoiding her until she gets to know about his disease. A friend of the guy who came at the decided place on behalf of him, reveals the truth.
The guy dies eventually while calling the girl’s name as he sees her through the video call made via phone. He cherished his last moments with his love and wrote in his diary that he will always take care of her by becoming the sky.
The girl decides to live a happy life, while loving… the sky.