Magnet U – World’s first wearable social accessory

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Magnet U – A Social Proximity Gadget


Wireless communication is most widely used by the mobile devices in today’s scenario. But a mobile phone only allows us to connect with the people we already know or have some details about. Also, in the case of smart phones, one can access the social networking websites but that doesn’t help us know about the real people that might be sitting around us.

It has often been said that the online social networking is killing the real social life of the people. But this won’t be a problem if the online world and real world are merged into each other.

Now, it is possible to take online social networking into the real world, MagnetU bridges the online and the physical.

World’s first wearable social accessory

Connecting users with people they like, and with the businesses they frequent, magnetU is the world’s first wearable social accessory that lets people wear their social desires, allowing immediate social gratification anywhere, anytime.

Dynamic social networks of proximity

MagnetU creates dynamic social networks of proximity between people in the real world. Through a fun concept of “Attractive” – “Hot” – “Red Hot” social match messages, or simply by “cheers” your magnetU with others, magnetU connects users with mutually matched social desires when they are in the same place or in a network of proximity of potentially hundreds of meters. It’s fun and valuable – you can be in the magnetU network whether you are indoor or outdoor, it can work anywhere. magnetU also bridges loyalty programs and physical advertising with online social networking. There’s a whole range of apps for one’s social desires: socializing, social business card exchange, dating, business matches – and more to come.

Connected by a Virtual network cable

MagnetU brings together social networking, mobile telephony and proximity technology, creating the first ever, patent-pending, dynamic mobile network of proximity. It builds dynamic mobile human networks with the people around you – as they walk or stand, anywhere – indoor or outdoor, without even knowing of your actual location! The magnetU network grows organically as users go about their daily activities. People are moving, running, walking and magnetU uses this mobile dynamic environment like they are all connected through a “network cable”.

 MagnetU Profiles

For magnetU, every profile that users wear is actually an application. For example, a profile form that is focused on socializing is used for social applications, a business matches profile is used by business people, and so on. One won’t need to actually develop an application, but a profile form. One can develop different types of profiles, which are themselves applications. The profiles can then be put on our profile applications store, and downloaded by magnetU users.

How it works?

MagnetU is a tiny device that travels along with you and seeks out other MagnetU users. If two social profiles are a good fit, it will notify users of each other’s proximity.

Here’s how it works. Load up the MagnetU application, create a set of “social desires,” and hook it up with Facebook and Twitter. The gadget connects with your phone using Bluetooth.

When social desires mesh, you get a message on your phone that ranks the match as “attractive,” “hot,” or “red-hot.”

Clinking two MagnetU devices together links up your social profiles so you can stay connected with your new BFF after you’ve parted ways.

This sounds like a natural fit for the club and dating scene, but it could also come into play as a business-networking tool for large conferences or events.

Changing profiles

Users can change the profiles they broadcast, or their “social desires,” depending on the situation. You might use a “social” profile that describes your ideal date when you’re out to a bar and a “business” profile that describes your ideal business partner when you’re at a conference. Brands can develop a social desires profile too. A concert venue might, for instance, develop a profile that connects users with similar music tastes.

What is expected?

Instead of setting your gaze permanently at nametag level during conferences, you’d receive a text message when someone with a relevant business opportunity enters the room. And at a concert, you’d know who shares your taste in music without borrowing their iPods.

Privacy settings
When two devices make a mutually satisfying match, they alert their owners via SMS message or mobile app, ranking the strength of the match and delivering whatever contact information the device owners have allowed in their privacy settings.

Exchange of Information

MagnetU also provides Bump-like exchanges of contact information. When users press a “cheers” button and knock their devices together, they automatically send each other friend requests on all of their social networks, in addition to any contact information they’ve listed in their profiles.

Low Cost

A MagnetU device costs only $24. Given its low cost and the attractive features, it has a very good possibility of becoming popular. Everyone around you will be walking around with a MagnetU in their pockets.

 Better than GPS, Foursquare and other social networks

GPS doesn’t work indoors, drains your mobile battery and impedes on your privacy by making your physical location known.

It can also be considered better than Foursquare. From a marketing perspective, this would be like a version of Foursquare that doesn’t require a checkin. From a social perspective, however, it’s a very different thing than Foursquare. Instead of being an extension to offline connections, it creates them.

The device will contain all your social network profiles including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others.

As one need to use a device separate from the smartphone, MagnetU’s success hinges on enough people adopting it.


“It isn’t telling you where your friends are; it’s actually making new connections with new people.”


I am a Modern Man

I came across this video on Facebook: 

Link to the video on facebook

Click to watch video on Facebook

and after getting inspired, just wrote this for fun:

I am a Facebook addicted,
even likes were commented,
thus I got suspected,
and people reacted.

my rights were deflected,
without charges convicted,
my fate was predicted,
and got prohibited.

If you interpreted,
and now disconcerted,
don’t get irritated,
as all was decorated!

I am a Modern Man!
I am a Modern Man!!

How to enable the new facebook timeline

To get the new facebook timeline NOW visit:

I have been enjoying the new timeline since over a month and found it pretty useful and ripe to toy with.

Have a look at what my timeline looks like:

Fb timeline

New Facebook Timeline

The new facebook timeline seems to have inspired from an attempt of featuring the journey of life in a very artistic way. Have a look at my lifepath:

Kushal Ashok's lifepath
Personally I just love the new timeline. It has made me re-think about shifting to G-Plus.
Also, I didn’t find any problem in searching for the recent updates which has been considered as the main setback. (according to the article at ReadWriteWeb.)

Rather it arranges all the updates so well chronologically that one can enjoy going up and down the line.

Though I would accept that it could be made better by allowing the viewer to decide which information is he looking for. This is possible by giving him the full control.

Like there could be options to directly enter the exact date or an approximate month for which one  needs to find the facebook udpates.

Although same thing has been tried by providing an expandable version of the timeline on the RHS, but that doesn’t help much because it is not exact and often slips into the wrong time period.

Along with this, one should be able to choose what kind of information is he or she looking for; viz. photos, links or status updates.
Such feature has already been showcased in the mobile version of facebook.
Thus, there shouldn’t be any problem in implementing such a thing.

The new facebook timeline allows one to go through the whole life of a person on facebook. This new feature, not only makes your facebook profile look good, but you can also arrange your achievements and other activities pretty well. Contrarily, in the old wall version, just imagine scrolling down hundreds of updates.

Now you can see how many friends have been made, what major activities were performed and how many likes were clicked in a particular month or year. From the date of joining facebook, to the recent updates, this makes browsing the history quite entertaining. This is why the new facebook timeline can be a huge success.

As for the privacy, there shouldn’t be an issue because the user still has complete control on what he wants to share and with whom. Rather you can simply keep it to yourself and still maintain a complete log of your life. One can always scroll down the timeline, look at the old photographs or comment-wars with friends and fall into reminiscence.

I hope Facebook will come forward with some good changes and launch the timeline for everyone soon enough.

Can’t wait to browse more lives!

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Manage all your social networks via single interface- Tweetdeck

Intel Appup Center offers a great deal of applications varying from education to games. When I browsed for my favourite App my eyes got fixed at Tweetdeck.

It is a Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Google Buzz, Foursquare and LinkedIn client, which has been popular since 2009.

Although there are many applications that may offer similar integrations with these networks, there are certain features that make Tweetdeck stand alone.

The most important thing to be considered is that Tweetdeck has recently been acquired by twitter (May 25 2011) which makes it more authentic and proves to be good enough.

Some of the main facilities available are:

Multiple columns: One can organize the information into real-time columns which may include updates from friends, Facebook notifications, tweets from certain groups, etc. This provides the very recent updates organized as per the user’s interest.

Multiple twitter accounts: Some users like to keep up more than one twitter accounts. Like if you want to post tweets related to a certain topic from a different profile. Tweetdeck allows you to do so, and you can swap between the profiles with a single click.

Reply, retweet, direct message and favorite from a tweet: There are small buttons for these, which appear on the concerned image as one hovers on it. This makes it pretty fast and easy.

View user profiles: There is no need to open a separate web page as one can view the profiles in tweetdeck itself which will give all the required options like Follow, See recent updates and who a person is following and being followed by, etc

Follow or unfollow and block or unblock a user: This can be done very easily and saves time.

Add All Friends, Mentions and DM columns: These are some of the columns that may help you to deal with different activities of twitter simultaneously. This allows you to keep track in real-time.

Add Search columns: This is another important feature that allows you to add a separate column featuring the results of your search. (Very useful for dealing with hashtags)

Add Trending Topic columns: These columns connect you with the world in a single go.

Add Twitter list columns: You can organize various lists and keep track of them so.

Cross post updates to any combination of your accounts: This is my favourite feature as it allows you to decide which of the accounts you want to use for posting your updates.

Geotag your tweets: Just set your location once and your tweets can be geotagged automatically.

Shorten URLs: This makes sharing links fairly easy. It also allows you to choose the shortening service on your own.

Access your Twitter contact list: You can browse among the contacts and can search for a friend.

Upload photos (from the on-board Photo Library): Sharing photos is of course one of the most required feature which is being covered.

Rearrange columns however you like and delete those you no longer need: Thus, you can always change your mind and try experimenting.

View geocoded tweets on a full-screen map: This feature allows you to see where the tweets are coming from.

And this is not the end of it, the development status of this application is active and there are likely to be even more magical updates to it. Some of them can be listed as:

Quick Send tweet: Suppose you notice a tweet which seems interesting but you don’t have enough time to explore. This feature will allow you to directly email it for later consideration.

Gmail Notifications: These when integrated with tweetdeck will allow you to keep track of your emails as well.

Unicode Art: This will allow you to use smiley faces, arrows, etc.

Tweet as you go: This can truly be a fresh design that will allow the users to use the camera in their portable device to see where they are going while using tweetdeck. Hence you don’t have to worry about crashing into a pole while you were busy typing your tweet while walking.

Thus, I can say that tweetdeck is the best application I have ever used for dealing with my twitter account. And if you are into facebook, you will notice that reading updates and responding to them is a lot easier and faster.

The environment that allows Tweetdeck to take care of all the above mentioned characteristics is called Adobe Integrated Runtime. This cross-platform runtime environment is abbreviated as Adobe AIR which might be already installed on your computer as it comes along various installations of Adobe like Adobe Reader 9, Photoshop and Lightroom with no option for exclusion.

Support: Tweetdeck is supported by operating systems like Windows, Linux, Apple iOS and Android as well. Thus you can use it anywhere anytime. Several different versions have been launched which allow you to decide how you want to use it. There is a downloadable desktop version that allows you to use it just like any other application installed. Other versions include iPhone, iPad, Android, Chrome and Web(limited beta). Each of these has been carefully designed keeping in mind the needs and platform being used.

As most of us are on facebook, even if you are not a fan of twitter or other networks specified, you can try this application for the sake of most popular social network (facebook as for now) at least. I would suggest that one should sign-up for twitter and try using this application after connecting the account, and I am pretty sure that even the least active person on twitter will start enjoying it.

This blog is an entry to the “My Favorite PC App” contest. Check out numerous apps for PC/Netbooks available at the Intel AppUp Center. If you are looking for an opportunity to build and monetize your applications, check out the Intel® Atom™ Developer Program.
Image: Screenshot taken from

Social network’s boomerang!

Now even social networking seems to be behaving like fashion Industry.

What goes now may come back again and when it does, they can still make a fuss about it; like it’s brand new!!

Myspace released skype-powered calls in 2007 and today the same thing gets launched by facebook with a lot more bickering.

Also the concept of circles as for maintaining friend-lists was being used by Hi5 already, which can now be seen with Google-Plus.

P.S.: Life is like a boomerang that hits you pretty hard if you don’t remember when is it gonna come back!

Facebook tricks!

Are you addicted to facebook?

You need to be one step ahead of others to gain interest of people at social networking sites like facebook.

Use the following link to learn some tricks:

This is really helpful. Try it!

Live on Campus Contest

I came across Live On Campus(LOC) at facebook and decided to take part in the campus clix contest. The advertisement of the contest went like this:

Share your favorite campus moments with everyone and win cool prizes. All you have to do is simply post a photo on the LOC wall, tag your friends in the photo (if any) and share it with your friends to earn points. The more likes and comments your photos get the more points you make!

I uploaded a photograph of my friends playing cards in the class room which I took using my Sony H20 a long time ago.

I realized that I have to ask people to comment on this photograph, but it required a procedure which was longer than I thought, so I made 2 short links using
Free Domain name service

and used the following text to make people comment on it:

me: Hello! May I ask for a favor?

friend: Ya sure! what is it?

I Need help for winning a contest at facebook:
1)Go 2 :
2)Like it
4)like it
5)leave comment

friend: OK! I will do it.

me: Actually I will earn points for each of your “like” and “comment” on the photograph I uploaded.
I will appreciate your help a lot.. I want to win this contest and you are the one I rely on!
Note: if you don’t want to be associated with this page, just unlike the page, once you are done with the above procedure.
Please forward this message to your friends to help me even more.

Thanks a ton! I hope you don’t mind ignoring the notifications you will get when others comment on the pic!

The links used above were developed by me for easier communication, the original links were:

How to earn money on facebook?

We often try our luck on different websites to earn some money. Many of us waste a lot of time clicking adds and taking surveys and end up getting nothing out of it. Instead of taking risks by visiting the unknown websites, one can earn money on one of the most trusted sites; facebook.

Start by clicking this link: Cloud Crowd. Once you join it, you can perform different tasks to earn easy money. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about the payments as you can easily transfer the amount to your Paypal account and there are no chances of fraud.