Review: Corridor | Sarnath Banerjee

This is a nice and entertaining graphic novel. 

Here are some of the lines that I particularly liked:

That’s the thing with smell, YOU DON’T NOTICE IF IT’S YOUR OWN ūüėÄ

Universal death rate, one death per person!

Repentance can not bring back the corn, the birds have eaten away

Life mostly is a stream of missed opportunities, anything else is cinema!

It all comes down to chewing your food well!

People are like onions; they have layers and layers. BUT WHO WILL KNOW? WHO HAS TIME?

Review: The Gathering | Anne Enright


This novel can make you think about relations and the concerned can of worms. Even though it could not keep me spell-bound I liked the language and some peculiar phrases. The incidents were explained gratingly and indeed there were moments when I could picture the abrasiveness. The scenes keep jumping from one time frame to another but it had no effect on the understanding and impact of the story.

This is a very intelligent novel that can make you introspect a lot. Catastrophically I would not suggest this novel to people who read merely for entertainment.

Master of the Game!

Of all the novels I have read, none contained a chronicle¬†of 4 generations. Although the story starts with the ninetieth birthday celebration of Kate Blackwell, it moves 100 years back to¬†Jamie MacGregor. First, his ambition for finding diamonds is explicated¬†while he gets thirsty, tired, beaten and duped. He takes his revenge with the help of his friend Banda who didn’t seem friendly at first but came out to be the common hater of their rival Van Der Merwe who stole Jamie’s diamonds and killed Banda’s younger sister.

This was just one break up of the story and there are many more characters involved.

P.S. : All in all, it is a full-fledged novel which teaches us about hatred, revenge and manipulation.

My rating: 8/10

Favorite character: Kate Blackwell

Digital Fortress – Dan Brown

Just read ‘Digital Fortress‘ by “Dan Brown

My rating=7/10

Most interesting character=’David Becker’

Dan Brown’s “The Da Vinci Code” had a hefty successor, this novel gained my interest from the very first page. Its about NSA and cryptography. David Becker became my favorite character due to his tricks and instincts. Susan was the lovely cryptographer whose description often made the scenes more interesting. Strathmore seemed to be a lot more savvy than his director. The characters involved in the second half of the novel didn’t hold much importance. However, if you like computers and codes, this novel is good for you to read.

p.s.=who will guard the guards!