Love-Money-Cold | Comments for friends on blogger

One thing that I don’t like about using WordPress is that most of my friends are on blogger and it’s kinda pain to manage both. So today when I made some comments on the blog posts by my friends, I decided to post them here as well.

I am writing this post just as a log because these are my good friends and I like to keep good memories.

  1. The first one is by Armaan, who thinks about love at “3 am”; no wonder he comes late to college.
  2. The second is by Niharika, who wants to say that money is not everything and one shall give more importance to happiness. Well her smiling face and gracious nature can sure change ones mood, so I hope she stays happy and make others happy.
  3. And the third one is by Mr. Manik (SS); who has nothing important to share right now. Just suffering from cold and making people imagine what is happening inside his nose and God knows what other places.

Just click on the titles below, and new tabs/windows will open in your browser(depending on your browser settings of course) where you can read the corresponding posts.

A thot at 3 am

Wow! such painful thoughts!
I wish your love understands you soon.

But don’t you think, even after people get their love, it’s not “ALL GooD”?

There are many more problems.

At this moment, you only have memories and your own feelings, but once the feelings get mutual, the probable pain also get’s two-fold.
That pain can be even worse.

It’s one thing to know that your love is not with you, and another to know that even though it’s with you, things are not good.

well enough pessimism for today, but it’s just the way life is. (Mostly)

and BTW.. Nice Hindi!

Money vs happiness

Money is good; insurmountable greed for it is not!

Money gives us pleasure, security and confidence.

People with bad economic conditions might be forcing a smile on their faces, but that doesn’t mean they are happy.
Especially not because they don’t care about money. They do care, but they just can’t do anything about it.

The one who has enormous money is the only one who can think that he doesn’t want money. When you are living without food, shelter and clothes, you can’t even dream about being happy.

At one point or the other, it becomes our foremost need.

Read the novel by Jack LondonPeople of the Abyss” and you will know, how a material created by humans(money), makes them suffer.

Feeling, that is of a Cold

Gosh… why did you make me feel all this.

You didn’t have to go into such details. 😛

I almost felt like.. urgghhhh
never mind.

Nice killing skills BTW!

HaPpY fRiEnDsHiP dAy!


This goes to all my friends!
Who may or may have not followed my trends!
Though they never asked me to amend!
Still I always got more to append!

They were the ones I loved to befriend!
Using their things, that they never commend!
All those lectures we bunked or attend!
All those rules we broke or just bend!

Visits to library to mess with bookend!
In all my fights, they were there to defend!
These are the fellas on which I depend!
God bless you all, I strongly intend!

Although, there is a lot more I can still blend!
I wish our friendship always ascend!
And may it never come to an end!
Coz I am gonna hit you if you ever offend! 😉

Happy Friendship Day to all my friends!!