I am a Modern Man

I came across this video on Facebook: 

Link to the video on facebook

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and after getting inspired, just wrote this for fun:

I am a Facebook addicted,
even likes were commented,
thus I got suspected,
and people reacted.

my rights were deflected,
without charges convicted,
my fate was predicted,
and got prohibited.

If you interpreted,
and now disconcerted,
don’t get irritated,
as all was decorated!

I am a Modern Man!
I am a Modern Man!!

Finally read 2 states

I have been trying to read this fourth novel of the renowned writer ‘Chetan Bhagat’ and finally got the chance when I borrowed it from a friend.


I enjoyed reading this novel as there were many things that I could relate to. Moreover, almost all the punch lines worked for me. Chetan managed to bring out laughter even out of most awkward situations and the continuity of jokes polished the story. The college environment could be pictured well which has been done in his previous novels as well. Sarcasm and wittiness are also given a proper account. Nature and culture of Punjabis and South Indians have been depicted substantially.

P.S.: The moral is also commendable: “Differences need to be dealt with”

Review: Corridor | Sarnath Banerjee

This is a nice and entertaining graphic novel. 

Here are some of the lines that I particularly liked:

That’s the thing with smell, YOU DON’T NOTICE IF IT’S YOUR OWN 😀

Universal death rate, one death per person!

Repentance can not bring back the corn, the birds have eaten away

Life mostly is a stream of missed opportunities, anything else is cinema!

It all comes down to chewing your food well!

People are like onions; they have layers and layers. BUT WHO WILL KNOW? WHO HAS TIME?