How to check Grammar online?

It happens to us all the time that while typing an email or blog we get confused and don’t understand what to write next and soon start doubting the sentences we have written.

If you are a wordpress blogger, you can use the grammar check facility which tells you about all the mistakes when you try to publish your post. You can validate this by visiting the user settings section available at your dashboard.

Note that this facility is available only for the users of and not for the users. is very much different from Like, the users get facilities like grammar check, tag suggestions, themes, widgets and most important one is the spam blocking facility.

While on the other hand, users don’t get any of these facilities. However, they can use plug-ins at their websites and are not restricted from posting adds.

Grammatical mistakes are very common while you are thinking and typing simultaneously. And most of the text editors don’t provide you with the facility of grammar check.

That is why I would suggest that one should use the grammar checking software which is available online for free. You just need to use this link:

Following the above link is the best option to check your grammar online.

Cons: This software allows you to check only limited amount of words for free. One can upgrade to a paid account to get rid of this constraint.

I hope this helps!