Pay it forward!

There are a few movies, which can make you change the way you think about this world. One among those is “Pay it forward”. This movie starts off with a very basic idea, “what does this world expect from you?” That is actually a question asked by a social science teacher to his 6th grade students, and an 11 year old kid answers innocently, “nothing”! Well, that’s what this movie is about.
Before cursing this world you are living in, you just need to think once, “What have you done for it?”

The kid comes up with a revolutionary idea called, ‘Pay it forward’ according to which he helps three persons in doing something they are not able to do. In this materialistic world, nobody expects anything even from their relatives. However, this movie tells you about the good deeds people have been doing for complete strangers.

We are often told by many people that we shouldn’t stick our nose in other people’s matter and mind our own business. Nevertheless, that should not be always true, even though there are so many bad things going on, we still have people who will pick up a kid, who fell off his bicycle and take him home.

In life, there are times when someone does something good for you without any reason. It can be a favor as small as giving you a lift. And you never get a chance to pay back. Well here is the chance for you then, just join the movement called, “Pay it forward”.

You might have come across the famous “member making schemes (MMS)” being adopted by a lot of companies these days. People will do anything to convince you to make you join the scheme for their profit. However, I am not talking about profit here. This movement gives you NO GUARANTEE of getting paid back. The only reason you do it is that you think you can make this world better as it is said, “World is not completely, shit!”.

Here is what you need to do:

Just help 3 people, get them help 3 people, start a movement!

In a way you will be paying back to the people who might have helped you in some stage of your life. And even if you think that you were never helped by anyone, which is quite impossible, you should do it as you will be ‘paying it forward’ in the genuine sense then.

If you have any doubt, just watch the movie and if you need to start, visit:

P.S. = Please try to do something real big, which can make the person change his/her life by getting rid of his biggest problem. This will require a lot of courage and confidence. It might be hard, but it is POSSIBLE!