Kushal in 2010

about meThis following blog post was written by me in 2010 when I was a college student:

Social networking is one of my favorite online activities which includes real-time tweeting. Reading novels and posting reviews on Goodreads is among the other ones. I tried Dancing as well, which is one of my ways of balancing out my adrenaline rush and enjoying the music. And guess what is my profession: Computer Engineer. But I don’t spend all my time in the air-conditioned office, I rather like to go out and do something that makes a difference and I call it an investment in our future. One of these activities is teaching the underprivileged children in the nearby slum area. I seldom miss a chance to volunteer and have worked with various NGOs and societies. I believe in the idea of excellent education for all children which is the vision of Teach for India.

I love to take risks and that’s why I like stunting. I believe in the quote, “if four wheels move the body, two wheels move the soul”. Now you can reckon how much I love my motorbike. I’m d kind of guy who’ll be sneaking out of my bedroom at three o’clock in the morning to look at my bike.

(If you don’t ride in the rain, you don’t ride.)

One can key me out as a speedoholic. When I sit on my bike and kick-start it, I get a strange feeling as if I were omnipotent.

(Everyone crashes. Some get back on. Some don’t. Some can’t.)

Here is a video featuring one of my driving experiences:



In photography, my interest prevails as I keep up my photostream on flickr. Though with the advent of Instagram  I started clicking more pictures by using a smartphone.

I am going to put all about me and my thoughts on this blog, and I hope that you revel reading it.

More : http://about.me/kushalashok

Personalised Infographic – Kushal Ashok

This is what I ended up creating after going through the youtube bootcamp and pondering over the brand identity I would like to create for myself.  Though it is totally unrelated to the learnings I got from the camp, it somehow landed on me that one of the best visual experiences that I have showcased are info graphics. And though I started by looking for a template that could help me with the creation of my youtube channel art / banner; I eventually created this infographic that depicts some facts about me. This includes my introduction as a mobile application developer, my college CGPA, a breakdown of my activities and work.
I have even included my current typing speed which helps me create content while living up to my alias name @speedoholic.

Infographic Kushal Ashok

Created at easel.ly

Pay it forward!

There are a few movies, which can make you change the way you think about this world. One among those is “Pay it forward”. This movie starts off with a very basic idea, “what does this world expect from you?” That is actually a question asked by a social science teacher to his 6th grade students, and an 11 year old kid answers innocently, “nothing”! Well, that’s what this movie is about.
Before cursing this world you are living in, you just need to think once, “What have you done for it?”

The kid comes up with a revolutionary idea called, ‘Pay it forward’ according to which he helps three persons in doing something they are not able to do. In this materialistic world, nobody expects anything even from their relatives. However, this movie tells you about the good deeds people have been doing for complete strangers.

We are often told by many people that we shouldn’t stick our nose in other people’s matter and mind our own business. Nevertheless, that should not be always true, even though there are so many bad things going on, we still have people who will pick up a kid, who fell off his bicycle and take him home.

In life, there are times when someone does something good for you without any reason. It can be a favor as small as giving you a lift. And you never get a chance to pay back. Well here is the chance for you then, just join the movement called, “Pay it forward”.

You might have come across the famous “member making schemes (MMS)” being adopted by a lot of companies these days. People will do anything to convince you to make you join the scheme for their profit. However, I am not talking about profit here. This movement gives you NO GUARANTEE of getting paid back. The only reason you do it is that you think you can make this world better as it is said, “World is not completely, shit!”.

Here is what you need to do:

Just help 3 people, get them help 3 people, start a movement!

In a way you will be paying back to the people who might have helped you in some stage of your life. And even if you think that you were never helped by anyone, which is quite impossible, you should do it as you will be ‘paying it forward’ in the genuine sense then.

If you have any doubt, just watch the movie and if you need to start, visit: http://www.payitforwardfoundation.org

P.S. = Please try to do something real big, which can make the person change his/her life by getting rid of his biggest problem. This will require a lot of courage and confidence. It might be hard, but it is POSSIBLE!

Rohtash chacha’s marriage

Day 1 (25th May)

I was suppose to leave for Aligarh (UP) on 22nd May but I couldn’t do that. At last I left on the evening of 25th May. It was my Uncle’s (Chacha’s) marriage on 27th and I was suppose to help in the preparations. I took the bus from dadri and reached there by 10:30pm. As I was chatting with my aunts (buas) while I was in the bus, when I reached home, they were already standing outside the house waiting for me. This hospitality was more than enough for me.

After meeting all the people in the house, I talked with my favorite chacha (Megesh) and we discussed our plans for the next day. There came a situation when my favorite chacha was calling me on one side and my favorite bua (Neenu) on the other. I got confused, and sat with my chacha at last. Although, later I asked bua that did she felt bad, as I didn’t listen to her. And she replied as, “Are you mad?” And I was all smiles then.

Well, it was quite a night as all the women started singing those songs and beating the “dholak” (an Indian instrument) and I was enjoying the latest songs on television with my chachas. I was very tired and didn’t take any time to fell asleep as soon as I layed down at the roof.

Day 2 (26th May)

I woke up and got ready to go to the market. My chacha went through an accident a few months back and this didn’t allow him to walk without the support of his walker. I took him to the market on bike (TVS Victor). There I met an old acquaintance whom I met during my bua’s marriage. He was like, praising me a lot for doing so much work in that marriage of my bua. Well, after some talks we bought the goods and came back home. I had a plan to go to Nokia care center, to meet my buas there, but it failed as I had other works to do. Later on, I was asked to get some diesel for the generator and was allotted a Pulsar 180 to go to the petrol pump. I took my younger chacha (Arjun) along with me. After getting the diesel we went to Nokia center and brought Neenu bua along with us. The whole day went away in placing the things at the right place, making decorations, serving food to the guests, buying stuff from the market etc.

At night, I tried to convince all the people of my age group to have a small bash and dance! But the speakers didn’t support me and we were again forced to listen to the songs sung by older people.

Day 3(27th may) – The Marriage

All the preparations were made already. After helping in the work I took some rest at Neenu bua’s place (also called as “Palle Ghar”). Her mother asked me if I would like to eat some khichadi(an Indian dish). I said “Yes” without thinking much as I knew that its gonna be tasty under all conditions. While the dish was getting prepared I was suppose to go to the main house for serving the food. many people asked me to eat the food there only, but I told them that I have already made my mind regarding the Khichadi. Most of them were shocked to hear my answer. After buying some goods from the market I went back to Palle Ghar to have my brunch. The Khichadi was accompanied with papad and 2 different types of achars. It was very tasty and I ate more than my capacity because of the increased appetite and took a small nap after that.

It was time for the “Bhat” now. Bhat is an Indian tradition in which the Uncle of the groom give away money to all the relatives. I got some money too. Soon my parents also reached there, I touched there feet, took the camera from my Dad and started clicking. I was clicking the moments which were not captured by the hired photographer. When my grandfather noticed this, he asked, “Why aren’t you taking the photos which have more meaning?” As I couldn’t make him understand my motto,  I just smiled and took a few meaningful photos as well.

After this “Bhat” thing, it was time for the “Ghudchadi” (When the Indian Groom sits on a horse and the relatives dance in front of it while the music is played by the band) I wasn’t sure that whether I should concentrate on taking photographs or should I dance. As I was poked again and again, I handed over the camera to my Dad and jumped into the dancing group. All were shocked to see my energy. I also got some compliments later on.

In the evening we all went to the marriage home, where there were preparations for the party food which included lots of stuff. I was more interested in dancing rather than eating. I danced a lot with almost everyone who came on the DJ floor. I also tried my hand stand in between, but I don’t think it was the right time and place to do that. But who cares, after all I don’t like ‘too much thinking’ when I dance.

The Jay mala event was awesome! It took place on a rotating stage which went up and down as well.

After the photo session we all sat outside, forming a circle with our chairs and enjoyed our talks. I didn’t ate any food but must have drunk at least 5 glasses of soda. Soon we all went back to our rooms to change our clothes for the next main event i.e. “Shadi”

Day 4 (28th may)

Today was not a day when we sleep. It was 1 am and all were back from their rooms waiting for the “Pooja” to start. As the bride and groom were performing the rituals we people were talking about our lives, sharing jokes, commenting on each other and had loads of fun. Soon we realized that it was morning, so we went outside for a walk. The cool breeze was very soothing and we didn’t want to go back. After the marriage, we brought my new Chachi home. I was suppose to leave for gwalior with my parents now. But my heart wasn’t happy to do so. I wanted to stay in Aligarh and enjoy rest of the events. But I couldn’t do so because we had another marriage to attend in gwalior.


I will never forget this visit to aligarh. Those places, those people, that love and care, is most precious for me.

I would love to eat Khichadi at my bua’s place rather than eating at a five star hotel. After all, the waiter will never ask me, “Please have some more, Kushal.”

I guess, this is never taught to them in hotel management. 😉

A mad trip during finalz

Height of madness!

I was having my 4th semester final exams. My last two exams were scheduled on 14th and 17th may. I had a marriage to attend on 15th may in Aligarh. It was very obvious for my friends and family that I won’t be able to attend it because I had my last exam on 17th and Aligarh was 446km away from my college (located in Patiala, Punjab). However, I had a plan to attend this marriage any how. I was supposed to leave for aligarh on my bike with my friend in chandigarh at around 11pm on 14th may. We were supposed to travel all night and reach aligarh in the morning. Then after attending the marriage in the afternoon, we could go to my house in NTPC, park my bike over there and come back to Patiala/Chandigarh respectively.

Nevertheless, the fate didn’t allow us to do so. My exam on 14th was postponed to be held on 15th may. The thing which was obvious became a fact now because the marriage and the exam , both were scheduled on the same time ( 15th afternoon). The friend who was supposed to go with me faced the same problem, and we were forced to cancel our plan.

While I was preparing for my second last exam, I got a feeling that I shouldn’t let my luck decide my fate. I asked my friend whose name was also ‘Kushal'(His complete name is Kushal Bansal though), “Would you like to go with me on a trip to delhi on my bike?” I explained the whole plan to him. We were not supposed to go to aligarh now as there was no use of going there after the marriage is over.

Surprisingly, he got ready. However, on a condition that we will watch “Iron Man2” in PVR when we reach delhi. After the exam, we went straight to his room in the hostel and after leaving him there I went to my room to get my stuff. After dealing with the issues of my room key, we got the Tyre tube changed at a nearby shop and left for Delhi at 5:35pm.

The Journey:

Our first stop was a small town before Ambala, just for refilling the petrol tank. I was driving at a speed of 90km/h so that we could reach Karnal before sunset. We took some photographs of the speedometer when my bike touched 95km/h. When we reached Karnal and finally relaxed our buts, my friend said, “my ass almost started paining” . It’s because riding on Bajaj XCD is not very comfortable(specially when I am driving). We had dinner at “zhilmil dhaba” and continued our journey. I didn’t stop for a long time then , after refilling the tank near Delhi Border, we lied down in a garden at the entrance of some society. When we reached Kashmiri Gate, I asked the auto driver about the nearest PVR, he suggested me to go to Connaught Place.

In Delhi

We tried at various multiplexes but didn’t get any tickets as we were late, thus we went to India Gate and relaxed by laying on the grass for a while. Then we left for my house which was locked coz my parents were not there. I parked my motorcycle and we had a nap in the nearest park waiting for the first bus in the morning. The security guards woke us up and cooled down only when I showed them my identity and explained that my parents were out of town and their train got late. 😉

We were back in time and my exam went great. 🙂

P.S.: All in all it was a mad experience!

I M $PEE|)o#o/_i(

Let me help you with the words written above.

Its Written: “I am speedoholic“.

Well, “Speedoholic” is not a dictionary word. But I made it out of two words.. “Speed” and “Alcoholic”. It means that I am as much addicted to speed as an alcoholic to alcohol. When I give full throttle to my bike, and the fuel flows faster to give maximum energy to the engine… I feel like someone is shouting on me, saying, “Faster, faster, faster, until the thrill of speed overcomes the fear of death”.

I like to do bike stunts. Although I haven’t been doing much since my 2nd year in college. As the coin has two faces, although I enjoy trying these stunts, the expenses on my bike increases proportionally.

This Blog will contain lot of my biking experiences along with my other updates.

I have made this blog because, we learn as much by writing as by reading.

‘People die, but books never die.’

Enjoy Reading..