Novel Review: A Partisan’s Daughter

How man is lured by woman?

How woman is exploited?

I learnt a lot from this novel. The cruelty is portrayed candidly and there are some moments that made me feel overwhelmed. You will like this novel if you can relate it to real life. It is a nice read if you are grown up enough to look beyond the sarcastic and witty language used.

Some of the lines that I particularly liked were:

*Mankind would never give up its suffering, because it liked suffering more than anything else.

*There aren’t enough rhymes for “love” and “beauty”

*Everyone’s escaping from themselves. Everybody’s on the run, and then one day you have stopped running, and that’s when you are dead.

*Even atheists pray when they are desperate.

*People often underestimate their degree of drunkenness and overestimate their ability to drive.