Finally read 2 states

I have been trying to read this fourth novel of the renowned writer ‘Chetan Bhagat’ and finally got the chance when I borrowed it from a friend.


I enjoyed reading this novel as there were many things that I could relate to. Moreover, almost all the punch lines worked for me. Chetan managed to bring out laughter even out of most awkward situations and the continuity of jokes polished the story. The college environment could be pictured well which has been done in his previous novels as well. Sarcasm and wittiness are also given a proper account. Nature and culture of Punjabis and South Indians have been depicted substantially.

P.S.: The moral is also commendable: “Differences need to be dealt with”

Cousin Brother’s Marriage-(My 1st bunk)

We left for Gwalior on morning of 28th may. Reached there at around 4pm. After meeting the relatives, we went to the hotel, where I took a long nap. In the evening we left for the marriage and by the time we reached there, the “barat” had already left the house. I joined my relatives in the dance. There were two of my cousins along with 2 nephews and one niece. We all belonged to the same age group. I and Akshat Bhaiya, danced madly and continued dancing even after reaching the place for marriage. We were all sweat and ran for water.

After the “Jaymala” I realized that I am going to get bore here. Another cousin of mine (Shekhoo)  came up with an idea of going for a movie. The plan involved my Dad, bhaiya, bhabhi, my niece and me. We all decided that we were gonna bunk this marriage and watch the movie, “Prince of Persia”.

When we were leaving the marriage place, we were caught by my uncle and aunty, but my brother dealt with the situation by pretending that we came to get the gift from the car. We ran away from there as soon as they removed their eyes from us. Bhabhi and my niece went to bhaiya’s place to change and I went to the city walk mall with Bhaiya to buy the tickets. We were continuously making calls to each other to track the status. Soon it looked like we will be able to watch the movie and will loose 5min of it at most. I and bhaiya, stood near the entrance of Fun Cinemas and waited for others to come. They came running and we all jumped on to our seats. The movie was awesome as it had perfect storyline, humor, casting and acting. We all enjoyed a lot and went to bhaiya’s place. Then we called Akshat bhaiya who were still at the marriage place and inquired about the status there. We felt sad to know that none of the events took place after we left and we were still suppose to attend the rest of the events.

We went back to the marriage place, I and Bhaiya had to bring our aunt from the house so we drove back. The rest of us had to face the wrath of my cousin sister. She was very angry as all of us left for 3 hours without telling anyone. But it was worth it. We all were passing naughty smiles to each other when people asked about our whereabouts. Later, all of us again left the place in search for the ice-cream. This time it was my nephew instead of my Dad. We roamed around the railway station and a few other places but couldn’t find any ice-creams. We came back empty handed but we enjoyed the ride. The rest of the night was spent talking and stuff.

After putting the goods at home I went to railway station to see off my relatives. The time went away very fast while we were enjoying our talks and soon it was time for their train to come.


Even though I didn’t had much time to enjoy with my relatives, bunking the marriage thing was unparalleled. It was the first time in my life that I did this.

It was nice meeting the family members and I would like to stay in touch with all of them.

Rohtash chacha’s marriage

Day 1 (25th May)

I was suppose to leave for Aligarh (UP) on 22nd May but I couldn’t do that. At last I left on the evening of 25th May. It was my Uncle’s (Chacha’s) marriage on 27th and I was suppose to help in the preparations. I took the bus from dadri and reached there by 10:30pm. As I was chatting with my aunts (buas) while I was in the bus, when I reached home, they were already standing outside the house waiting for me. This hospitality was more than enough for me.

After meeting all the people in the house, I talked with my favorite chacha (Megesh) and we discussed our plans for the next day. There came a situation when my favorite chacha was calling me on one side and my favorite bua (Neenu) on the other. I got confused, and sat with my chacha at last. Although, later I asked bua that did she felt bad, as I didn’t listen to her. And she replied as, “Are you mad?” And I was all smiles then.

Well, it was quite a night as all the women started singing those songs and beating the “dholak” (an Indian instrument) and I was enjoying the latest songs on television with my chachas. I was very tired and didn’t take any time to fell asleep as soon as I layed down at the roof.

Day 2 (26th May)

I woke up and got ready to go to the market. My chacha went through an accident a few months back and this didn’t allow him to walk without the support of his walker. I took him to the market on bike (TVS Victor). There I met an old acquaintance whom I met during my bua’s marriage. He was like, praising me a lot for doing so much work in that marriage of my bua. Well, after some talks we bought the goods and came back home. I had a plan to go to Nokia care center, to meet my buas there, but it failed as I had other works to do. Later on, I was asked to get some diesel for the generator and was allotted a Pulsar 180 to go to the petrol pump. I took my younger chacha (Arjun) along with me. After getting the diesel we went to Nokia center and brought Neenu bua along with us. The whole day went away in placing the things at the right place, making decorations, serving food to the guests, buying stuff from the market etc.

At night, I tried to convince all the people of my age group to have a small bash and dance! But the speakers didn’t support me and we were again forced to listen to the songs sung by older people.

Day 3(27th may) – The Marriage

All the preparations were made already. After helping in the work I took some rest at Neenu bua’s place (also called as “Palle Ghar”). Her mother asked me if I would like to eat some khichadi(an Indian dish). I said “Yes” without thinking much as I knew that its gonna be tasty under all conditions. While the dish was getting prepared I was suppose to go to the main house for serving the food. many people asked me to eat the food there only, but I told them that I have already made my mind regarding the Khichadi. Most of them were shocked to hear my answer. After buying some goods from the market I went back to Palle Ghar to have my brunch. The Khichadi was accompanied with papad and 2 different types of achars. It was very tasty and I ate more than my capacity because of the increased appetite and took a small nap after that.

It was time for the “Bhat” now. Bhat is an Indian tradition in which the Uncle of the groom give away money to all the relatives. I got some money too. Soon my parents also reached there, I touched there feet, took the camera from my Dad and started clicking. I was clicking the moments which were not captured by the hired photographer. When my grandfather noticed this, he asked, “Why aren’t you taking the photos which have more meaning?” As I couldn’t make him understand my motto,  I just smiled and took a few meaningful photos as well.

After this “Bhat” thing, it was time for the “Ghudchadi” (When the Indian Groom sits on a horse and the relatives dance in front of it while the music is played by the band) I wasn’t sure that whether I should concentrate on taking photographs or should I dance. As I was poked again and again, I handed over the camera to my Dad and jumped into the dancing group. All were shocked to see my energy. I also got some compliments later on.

In the evening we all went to the marriage home, where there were preparations for the party food which included lots of stuff. I was more interested in dancing rather than eating. I danced a lot with almost everyone who came on the DJ floor. I also tried my hand stand in between, but I don’t think it was the right time and place to do that. But who cares, after all I don’t like ‘too much thinking’ when I dance.

The Jay mala event was awesome! It took place on a rotating stage which went up and down as well.

After the photo session we all sat outside, forming a circle with our chairs and enjoyed our talks. I didn’t ate any food but must have drunk at least 5 glasses of soda. Soon we all went back to our rooms to change our clothes for the next main event i.e. “Shadi”

Day 4 (28th may)

Today was not a day when we sleep. It was 1 am and all were back from their rooms waiting for the “Pooja” to start. As the bride and groom were performing the rituals we people were talking about our lives, sharing jokes, commenting on each other and had loads of fun. Soon we realized that it was morning, so we went outside for a walk. The cool breeze was very soothing and we didn’t want to go back. After the marriage, we brought my new Chachi home. I was suppose to leave for gwalior with my parents now. But my heart wasn’t happy to do so. I wanted to stay in Aligarh and enjoy rest of the events. But I couldn’t do so because we had another marriage to attend in gwalior.


I will never forget this visit to aligarh. Those places, those people, that love and care, is most precious for me.

I would love to eat Khichadi at my bua’s place rather than eating at a five star hotel. After all, the waiter will never ask me, “Please have some more, Kushal.”

I guess, this is never taught to them in hotel management. 😉