Inter-circle MNP might be coming soon

Image: Mobile services in India
According to the recent news, soon the mobile users will be able to use MNP (Mobile Number Portability) when they shift from one circle to another.

For those who couldn’t understand, India is being divided into various circles/zones for providing mobile communication. Each service provider may offer different services in different circles. For example, a message pack’s cost might be different in Delhi from it’s value in Mumbai.

Now this is just a declaration, that such things have been proposed. There has been no intimation of the approximate date of this change. Do keep in mind that such decisions may take a long time for affectation. For instance, MNP was proposed in India in 2005 and it could only be implemented after 5 years in October, 2010. (Just for the record, MNP has been present in Japan since 1999.)

Zee news : A new policy that will help users avail free roaming services across the country and inter-circle mobile number portability.
Hindustan Times :  Mobile phone service consumers may be allowed mobile number portability even if they shift from one state to another.

Birthday Reminders

We all are busy with our lives and don’t have time to celebrate. This lack of enthusiasm often leads us to forget important days like birthdays. When one forgets his own birthday, he is assumed to be depressed and people pity him. On the other hand, when one forgets his friend’s or family member’s birthday, he faces anger and shame. Although it is practically very difficult to remember all the birthdays, most of us get reminded of them by other friends. However, there are instances when no-one is there to remind you. And you may face situations like the one depicted in the following image:

This article is about some of the methods, which shall be used to avoid all this confusion.

1)Set email reminders:

One of the best way to get reminded online is by registering yourselves at websites like “” (find the link at end of the article) and following these steps:

  • Log-in at
  • Click on the link “My birthday calendar
  • Enter the names beside the corresponding dates
  • Click on the button “Click here to save and update your birthday calendar”

Once you do this, you get notified via email (sent to the address you entered during registration), about the birthdays.

Pros: One can enter up to 100 characters for each date, so you can put reminders not only for birthdays, but other things as well

Cons: There is no option to set the time of email delivery. The message gets delivered at 1am Pacific Time(US & Canada) on the day before your reminder.

2)Set reminders in Mobile Calendar:

This is the most common method which is already being used by many people. Setting reminders in your mobile phone is most easy and worthy as well. Most of the mobile phones comes with a calendar, one can enter the birthday reminders and get notified at whatever time he wants.

3)Book text message for the Birthday Boy/Girl

There are websites like (very useful for Indian customers), where you can sign-up and set future text messages, which are delivered directly to the Birthday boy/girl at the desired time and date. However the website mentioned here allows one to set up the text messages for the next five days only.

  • Log-in at
  • Click on the “future sms” tab
  • Enter the Mobile number (10 digits only)
  • Enter the message to be delivered (one can also use the templates available at the “quick sms” tab)
  • Enter the desired date and time for delivery

After doing this, you don’t even have to worry about sending a text message. It can also happen that the person texts or call you back (as your mobile number will be displayed with the text you sent) and thank you for the wishes, so always be ready to pretend that you sent that message. I hope one can at least remember this much that he/she had set up a future message.

So, once you do all this, you can be pretty sure that you won’t be blamed for forgetting a birthday in future. And last but not the least, these reminders can also help you buy gifts or plan surprise parties for your loved ones.


How to repair mobile phones yourself?

Buy some tools and use search engines like Yahoo! for the instructions.

While using mobiles, we often suffer from some problems and pay a huge amount to the repairmen. There are many problems regarding a mobile which can be solved by yourself by using some basic tools and information. You can buy a tool kit and search for the solutions at Yahoo! There are many websites which provide free tutorials for repairing mobiles along with the circuit diagrams.

For example, if you dropped your mobile and its switches are not working. You can open it using a screw driver and follow the instructions after thoroughly studying the diagram to replace the damaged switches. If you have little knowledge about circuits you can easily deal with all kind of physical problems.