Motorcycling from Chandigarh to Kasauli

This video was shot during the breakfast ride from Chandigarh to Kasauli organized by Bikerzone.

Monsoon Ride

It rained heavily today, the parking space got filled with water, and I was supposed to move the bike outside. As I entered the water, dragging my feet towards my bike, I decided to go for a ride.  My neighbors watched me, driving away my motorcycle in such a freakish weather. The electricity was cut off, water droplets were entering my eye, and I couldn’t see clearly. Still I managed to speed up on straight roads. I was listening to my favorite songs on my i-pod, which helped in pumping my adrenaline. Soon I started jumping my bike on the speed beakers. My bike skidded many times at the turns or whenever a fallen tree came in front of me. I covered almost all the lanes of my township and kept rushing my bike for about half an hour. Whenever I saw some stagnant water on the road, I accelerated the bike to splash as much water as I could.  This monsoon ride was awesome, and I enjoyed a lot.

And just like I always say, “If you don’t ride in rain, you don’t ride!

Tips for a perfect bike ride with your date!

  • Leave early in the morning as soon as the sun breaks.
  • Drive slow at the start, save your adrenaline for the fast one at the end.
  • Feed some soothing songs in some music player, share the earphones with your date.
  • Wear the helmet only if you have arranged one for your date as well, otherwise you may end up striking her head into your helmet every time you apply brakes.
  • Always choose the finished roads, even if the distance to be traveled across increases.
  • Study your path well before leaving and arrange some eye gears if required for that terrain.
  • Slow down or take small breaks when some scenic beauty arrives.
  • Leave the handle and ask her to handle the bike. (Note: Do so, only if you have good balancing skills)
  • While speeding, ask her to open her arms wide and inhale the fresh air as you lean down such that your chest almost reaches the bike’s tank.

P.S.=Enjoy the ride safely even if you want to drive rash. Just take care that you don’t end up with an accident!

Best of luck fellas!

Buying XCD

My first personal bike, Bajaj XCD 125 Dts-si.  Although i have been driving bike since 8th standard it was my dad’s Discover 125 DTSI. I have wished for this since a long time. And after all these years, finally the day came when I was going to have a bike of my own, which I could take anywhere, anytime.

My parents were buying this to me during my 1st year in college. My feet were not ready to touch the ground when we entered the Bagga Link Bajaj showroom(Carol Bagh, Delhi).

I started taking snaps of the bikes with my mobile’s camera. All these brand new bikes, were looking like they were ready to get on the roads and show off.

After getting the paper work done, my parents asked to me to choose a color.All the XCDs were looking like they were waiting for me. I was confused between red and blue because my favorite color is blue but red one was looking better. So I went for the best and placed my hand on the red one. The Dealer sent the bike for final finishing and attaching accessories to it. Although, people like to sit in the waiting room during this stage, I preferred to stay with my bike and see all that happens to her.

We got the bike out of the showroom and Dad offered me to drive it. It was one of the best moments of my life and I will cherish it forever.

We went to a temple to get the “Pooja”( A sacred activity of Hindu Religion) done for the bike. My parents were moving along in the car, while I drove my XCD for the first time on Delhi Roads. It was like heaven for me. I was getting familiar with all the buttons on it, used indicators even on the slightest of lane changes. The “Pandit Ji” (A Brahman scholar) performed the rituals and I was ready to drive again. I also bought a “Studds” helmet, whose color was perfectly matching with the color of my bike(Cherry Red).

I was driving very seriously and in a disciplined way (Just not like me) because my parents were watching. As soon as we got into a traffic jam, I grabbed the opportunity and drove away from my parents quickly. Now, it was time to unleash the power. The real Kushal Ashok was out on the roads with his new bike. I started rushing the bike.. cutting away the cars, driving as fast as I could in that rush. Soon I reached 80km/h and it came to my mind that I have to take care of my new bike and should slow down because the new engine shouldn’t be stressed much.

There I was, waiting for my parents after crossing a few red lights, surprisingly they didn’t yell at me for going too far. We drove back to home and I took 2 rounds of the township before parking it.

I love my bike a lot and will always do! 😉