Novel Review: A Partisan’s Daughter

How man is lured by woman?

How woman is exploited?

I learnt a lot from this novel. The cruelty is portrayed candidly and there are some moments that made me feel overwhelmed. You will like this novel if you can relate it to real life. It is a nice read if you are grown up enough to look beyond the sarcastic and witty language used.

Some of the lines that I particularly liked were:

*Mankind would never give up its suffering, because it liked suffering more than anything else.

*There aren’t enough rhymes for “love” and “beauty”

*Everyone’s escaping from themselves. Everybody’s on the run, and then one day you have stopped running, and that’s when you are dead.

*Even atheists pray when they are desperate.

*People often underestimate their degree of drunkenness and overestimate their ability to drive.

What is real? (Inception, Vanilla sky)

Note: This may contain spoilers!

I have watched 2 movies today, one being “Vanilla Sky” and the other “Inception“. Both of them were based on the concept of dreams. The person living the dream confuses it with reality. At the end, it comes out that all that has been happening was just a dream. Both of them made me think hard and I have to admit that both were having a very effective theme.

Vanilla Sky revolves around a man who goes through an accident (which disfigures his face) and opts for an option called Lucid Dream, because of which his body is preserved at very low temperature while he continues to dream and live what he wanted. Eventually it came out to be a nightmare as he confuses the two women in his life, the one he shared bed with who was responsible for the accident and the one he truly loved. He was finally given an option to choose between a dream better than this one or go back to reality. After having a last moment with his love he decides to choose reality.

Inception is about a man who along with his friends specializes in entering people’s dream and get useful information from their minds. He ends up helping  a person to plant an idea in someone’s mind, in return for a favor that will allow him to go back home and meet his children. While it was the first inception for rest of the team, he had done it before to his wife who ended up dying because of that idea only. His guilt made him go back to her every time he was in a dream. The team has to go deeper and deeper in order to fulfill their task, that is they were suppose to enter a dream inside another dream up to 4 levels. The movie ends with success of the team and he returning to his home but what develops curiosity is that he is still inside a dream.

P.S. : These movies made me feel dizzy!