Want to meet old friends

My summer holidays are going on. And I am at my home, enjoying food made by my mom. I was sick of eating outside food.

Its around 1am and I am not feeling sleepy at all. My old friends have come to delhi from their respective colleges. I came to know this when Raicky(Digvijay) called me in the evening. He had just reached his uncle’s house in Faridabad(Near Delhi). My other two friends(Amandeep and Ankur Khasa), went to pick him up from Delhi Airport.

We have planned to get together at connaught place today. But I don’t think my parents are gonna allow me to go there because they have some other plan for today as its Sunday. These situations get very difficult sometimes. Now I have to convince my parents anyhow. After all my best friends are here after about 4 months. Lets try.. (Best of luck to me)