Going green on MTB


I have always loved the concept of mountain biking and with the increasing concern for environment, green biking has become popular.

Today while chatting with a colleague at I.T. park I came to know that he has been using an MTB to commute to the office. I had noticed a few more cyclists in Chandigarh before but I hadn’t got a chance to commune with any. After learning the gear shifts, I had a quick test ride in the parking lot and got amazed with its performance. The disc brakes were good enough to perform a rookie stoppie which prompted my idea of buying an MTB. Though I am not a fan of roadster bikes, if you give me a proper MTB I might even ditch my motorcycle. I won’t just be saving my fuel money but would also become a part of  the green family of futurists without letting go of my passion for thrill.

P.S.: As I have just started off with my professional life, I would like to plan more before investing.

Monsoon Ride

It rained heavily today, the parking space got filled with water, and I was supposed to move the bike outside. As I entered the water, dragging my feet towards my bike, I decided to go for a ride.  My neighbors watched me, driving away my motorcycle in such a freakish weather. The electricity was cut off, water droplets were entering my eye, and I couldn’t see clearly. Still I managed to speed up on straight roads. I was listening to my favorite songs on my i-pod, which helped in pumping my adrenaline. Soon I started jumping my bike on the speed beakers. My bike skidded many times at the turns or whenever a fallen tree came in front of me. I covered almost all the lanes of my township and kept rushing my bike for about half an hour. Whenever I saw some stagnant water on the road, I accelerated the bike to splash as much water as I could.  This monsoon ride was awesome, and I enjoyed a lot.

And just like I always say, “If you don’t ride in rain, you don’t ride!

Tips for a perfect bike ride with your date!

  • Leave early in the morning as soon as the sun breaks.
  • Drive slow at the start, save your adrenaline for the fast one at the end.
  • Feed some soothing songs in some music player, share the earphones with your date.
  • Wear the helmet only if you have arranged one for your date as well, otherwise you may end up striking her head into your helmet every time you apply brakes.
  • Always choose the finished roads, even if the distance to be traveled across increases.
  • Study your path well before leaving and arrange some eye gears if required for that terrain.
  • Slow down or take small breaks when some scenic beauty arrives.
  • Leave the handle and ask her to handle the bike. (Note: Do so, only if you have good balancing skills)
  • While speeding, ask her to open her arms wide and inhale the fresh air as you lean down such that your chest almost reaches the bike’s tank.

P.S.=Enjoy the ride safely even if you want to drive rash. Just take care that you don’t end up with an accident!

Best of luck fellas!