How to enable the new facebook timeline

To get the new facebook timeline NOW visit:

I have been enjoying the new timeline since over a month and found it pretty useful and ripe to toy with.

Have a look at what my timeline looks like:

Fb timeline

New Facebook Timeline

The new facebook timeline seems to have inspired from an attempt of featuring the journey of life in a very artistic way. Have a look at my lifepath:

Kushal Ashok's lifepath
Personally I just love the new timeline. It has made me re-think about shifting to G-Plus.
Also, I didn’t find any problem in searching for the recent updates which has been considered as the main setback. (according to the article at ReadWriteWeb.)

Rather it arranges all the updates so well chronologically that one can enjoy going up and down the line.

Though I would accept that it could be made better by allowing the viewer to decide which information is he looking for. This is possible by giving him the full control.

Like there could be options to directly enter the exact date or an approximate month for which one  needs to find the facebook udpates.

Although same thing has been tried by providing an expandable version of the timeline on the RHS, but that doesn’t help much because it is not exact and often slips into the wrong time period.

Along with this, one should be able to choose what kind of information is he or she looking for; viz. photos, links or status updates.
Such feature has already been showcased in the mobile version of facebook.
Thus, there shouldn’t be any problem in implementing such a thing.

The new facebook timeline allows one to go through the whole life of a person on facebook. This new feature, not only makes your facebook profile look good, but you can also arrange your achievements and other activities pretty well. Contrarily, in the old wall version, just imagine scrolling down hundreds of updates.

Now you can see how many friends have been made, what major activities were performed and how many likes were clicked in a particular month or year. From the date of joining facebook, to the recent updates, this makes browsing the history quite entertaining. This is why the new facebook timeline can be a huge success.

As for the privacy, there shouldn’t be an issue because the user still has complete control on what he wants to share and with whom. Rather you can simply keep it to yourself and still maintain a complete log of your life. One can always scroll down the timeline, look at the old photographs or comment-wars with friends and fall into reminiscence.

I hope Facebook will come forward with some good changes and launch the timeline for everyone soon enough.

Can’t wait to browse more lives!

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