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A post dedicated to Chris Medina’s song: “What are words” and the story that makes this song even more special.

This is not just about the song but the love that is behind it. The power that gave Chris the courage to try consistently without loosing hope.

Chris Medina’s song “What are words” is not just another song.  This song actually represents his love for his fiance Juliana Ramos.
She got into an accident on 2nd october 2009 which nearly killed her and since then she has been trying to relearn the most basic of tasks with the help of her family and Chris.
She needs help of people around her even for walking, feeding and communicating. It is like the most horrible thing that one can go through and some consider it as even worse than death.

No matter how insuperable this may seem, Chris has always been with her holding her hand when she needs him most.

To empathize the things that Chris have done and what he and others related to his girl have been trying to do earnestly since such a long time, do have a look at this squidoo lens:

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If you would like to know more about Chris and Juliana, follow these links:
To know about the current situation of Juliana, visit this
There you will find the latest videos and blog posts from her mother about her recovery and what else has been going on in her life. There are many posts telling the story of Juliana and her family which includes Chris of course.

Facebook Group
You can join the group called “For Juliana” on facebook to pass on your wishes to her and keep track of her progress.

Chris’s story on MTV
MTV.COM features Chris’s story in their own way.

Chris on Facebook
The official Facebook page maintained by Chris

Chris on Twitter
Chris’s official twitter profile

P.S.: I also came across a kind of related story from Bhutan:

HaPpY fRiEnDsHiP dAy!


This goes to all my friends!
Who may or may have not followed my trends!
Though they never asked me to amend!
Still I always got more to append!

They were the ones I loved to befriend!
Using their things, that they never commend!
All those lectures we bunked or attend!
All those rules we broke or just bend!

Visits to library to mess with bookend!
In all my fights, they were there to defend!
These are the fellas on which I depend!
God bless you all, I strongly intend!

Although, there is a lot more I can still blend!
I wish our friendship always ascend!
And may it never come to an end!
Coz I am gonna hit you if you ever offend! 😉

Happy Friendship Day to all my friends!!