I am a Modern Man

I came across this video on Facebook: 

Link to the video on facebook

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and after getting inspired, just wrote this for fun:

I am a Facebook addicted,
even likes were commented,
thus I got suspected,
and people reacted.

my rights were deflected,
without charges convicted,
my fate was predicted,
and got prohibited.

If you interpreted,
and now disconcerted,
don’t get irritated,
as all was decorated!

I am a Modern Man!
I am a Modern Man!!

HaPpY fRiEnDsHiP dAy!


This goes to all my friends!
Who may or may have not followed my trends!
Though they never asked me to amend!
Still I always got more to append!

They were the ones I loved to befriend!
Using their things, that they never commend!
All those lectures we bunked or attend!
All those rules we broke or just bend!

Visits to library to mess with bookend!
In all my fights, they were there to defend!
These are the fellas on which I depend!
God bless you all, I strongly intend!

Although, there is a lot more I can still blend!
I wish our friendship always ascend!
And may it never come to an end!
Coz I am gonna hit you if you ever offend! 😉

Happy Friendship Day to all my friends!!