Trying out some dance videos

Being involved with the dance groups since college, I developed an interest in creating videos of the same. Recently I uploaded two videos to my YouTube channel; one of them showcases the freestyle tap dance I like to do after coming back from a hectic day. Though it is nowhere near to the real tap dance, it is just a way of relaxing I opted for. If you wish to watch some videos related to tap dancing, try out the channel called musictaps.



The second video demonstrates some dance moves made by my friend:


I also maintain a playlist containing videos related to B boying and other dance forms:

What is the cheapest way to learn dance?

People are wasting a lot of money on choreographers these days. While all they do is to tell you the tricks and then let you practice on your own. Instead of paying such hefty amounts to them one can start learning from the internet; the ultimate source of almost everything.

Start by searching for videos on websites like Youtube and learn from the basics. There are a lot of videos available there which will tell you the easiest step in the best possible manner. As watching these videos is completely free so you are just spending the money for your internet connection and nothing else.

Once you get the basics you can also search for the text and image files which will be easily available on the search engines like Yahoo!